Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday Night Football: Liberty at Christ Church

Liberty visited Christ Church on Friday night for a “week 0” game. Most high schools start their regular seasons this upcoming Friday night. Liberty and Christ Church chose to rumble a week early, as did a handful of other teams in South Carolina.

As stated before on this blog, the atmosphere at Christ Church is about as good as small high school football gets. The facilities are top notch for a 1-A school, safety is not an issue, and the concession stand even serves Chic-fil-a. The press box is probably the best in upstate 1-A football. The students are enthusiastic in the support of the team and the stadium is usually packed on the home side. The only thing missing at Christ Church is a good pep band for the home team.

Liberty brought a nice sized crowd that mostly filled the small but comfortable visitor’s stands. Overall, the facilities at Christ Church are the best in the upstate for private school football, and among the best in the upstate for 1-A football.

The action on the field complimented the facilities. Christ Church jumped out to a big lead, and held a 21-7 halftime advantage, only to find itself tied by the gritty Liberty team in the fourth quarter at 21. Christ Church responded with a solid offensive drive to take the lead and then returned a turnover for a touchdown to seal its 35-21 victory.

Both teams played with class and character. There were no “cheap shots” and no unruly behavior by either side’s fans. It was an example of how high school football ought to be.

Breaking down the grades and questions for Liberty at Christ Church:

Facilities: A
Fan comfort, concessions and safety: A
Fan behavior: A
Family friendly environment? Yes
Coaching: Liberty, B-, Christ Church B
Team effort: Liberty B, Christ Church B
Officiating: C+

It is not Clemson or South Carolina, but if you want an affordable and comfortable football experience, try Christ Church out. It is a place where some good football is played in a family friendly environment. Voting under the Influence wishes both teams well in the coming season. Next week, we will be at Ninety Six as the Wildcats host the Abbeville Panthers.

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