Thursday, August 21, 2008

It is time for Friday night football

There is nothing more ingrained in the Southern or South Carolinian culture than high school football. Throughout the state, people put aside their economic, racial and political differences to cheer for the kids playing on the home team.

South Carolina is a place of high school football legends. John McKissick, the coach of Summerville High, has won more football games as coach than anyone at any level in the sport. He is joined by the late Willie Varner and "Pinky" Babb in the national all time high school coaching top ten win list. South Carolina athletes are consistently recruited by colleges throughout the nation. Simply put, some of the best high school football in the world is found right here in South Carolina.

This Friday, August 22nd, Voting under the Influence begins its tour of South Carolina High School football games. Our first game will be in Greenville, where private school Christ Church Episcopal hosts Liberty High School. On the weekend of each game, we will give the results and our impressions of the environment found at the game.

Our plans this season are diverse. The staff of Voting under the Influence has plans in place to attend games in places like the elite Christ Church, little towns like Ninety Six, Ware Shoals and Abbeville, and big schools such as Dutch Fork in the Columbia suburbs. Also, plans are being worked out to catch a game or two along the coast of South Carolina.

The goal of the Voting under the Influence High School football tour is to show people how the ritual of high school football games influences the people of South Carolina. Through the opening weekend of August 22nd to the state championships, Voting under the Influence is committed to be there and give you a take on the cultural phenomenon that is South Carolina high school football.

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  1. Don't forget the I-85 corridor - Burns to Spartanburg (& Dorman) to Gaffney to Rock Hill (& Northwestern & South Pointe)- some of the best and most competitive football in the country.