Sunday, August 24, 2008

It was 3AM, guess who was not getting a phone call

The infamous Hillary Clinton ad about who answers the phone at the White House is pointed to by some as the most blunt ad of the Democratic primary. Some even contend it made the primary closer than it should have been.

That said, isn't it interesting that the Obama folks decided to "break" their choice of Vice President with text messages at 3AM Saturday morning?

While I know they will deny it, I can not help but believe there were some Obama staffers who were sitting around, thinking to themselves, "it's 3AM, and guess who ain't getting the call, Hillary."

My gut tells me the 3AM release was a direct slap to the face of Mrs. Clinton and her former President husband. Now, whether or not that slap results in her supporters staying home or voting for McCain will be seen.

But, to me, the 3AM announcement made one thing clear: Mr. Obama and his do not give a damn about how the Clintons feel.

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