Saturday, August 30, 2008

Main Stream Media member's mindset on McCain-Palin

Imagine the life of a mainstream media writer or pundit. It is the Friday morning before Labor Day. Let's climb inside their minds and egos and see why they will be hellbent to tear down the Alaska Governor.

Here is what is likely on their minds:

"It is bad enough I will have only a short break between the Democratic National Convention that featured the guy I love and the Republican National Convention which will feature the guy I respect but have to put on my professional hat for, striving to calling the story straight. Then, I get the news that McCain picked Palin to be his Vice-Presidential candidate. I then utter a profanity. All that work on preparing stories on Romney and Pawlenty and having them "in the can" was in vain. Now, I have to, damn it, work on Labor Day weekend. All those hit pieces I had in the can are no good. Now, I have to work and find something on Palin. Indeed, the woman's mere presence pisses me off. Who is this Alaskan to dare make me work this weekend? Who is John McCain to not pick the men I had prepared for and was ready to attack? Doesn't John McCain know he made ME look dumb and is making ME work this weekend? That shows he has no judgement. I think I will look at Obama's press releases and go from there. It beats working this weekend. Alaska? Geez, sure, she's a babe, but Alaska? Who wants to go there to do a story? She is not ready. McCain is senile. It is far easier just to sit here and work from these press releases. "

When the media attacks Palin in the next week or so, remember this post. There is only one set of egos bigger than that of politicians. That set belongs to those who think they have a monopoly on calling things like running mates. Those folks are by and far lazy as well, and like their news spoon fed and canned. Being caught off guard and being forced to work more than they expected ticks those types off. So, they will bring it to Palin.

I think what will really get them is that Palin will fight harder than Dan Quayle or John Edwards. Don't let her looks fool you, media types, Palin is tough as nails. Between now and election day, you had better bring your lunch to work, because you will be working all day.

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  1. A major test on whether Palin will be a net gain in votes for McCain is this:

    If she had been a candidate in the Republican presidential primary, would she have had any chance at all of winning?