Friday, August 22, 2008

Maybe it ain't so, but it looks like Joe

Maybe the "scoop" from the Washington Post reporter is wrong. Maybe all the speculation is wrong. Only Barack H. Obama knows. But, right now, it seems that Joe Biden will be the running mate of Barack Obama.

Obama and his team are making a wise choice if it is Biden. Biden is respected in both parties for his experience and his knowledge of world affairs. Biden has a compelling personal story. In 1972, Joe Biden, then age 30, rolled the political dice and ran for the US Senate against a Republican incumbent and won the big upset. Biden's victory was tempered by the tragic loss of his wife and daughter in an auto accident a few weeks later. From various accounts, Biden was talked out of resigning his seat and instead chose to commute from Delaware to Washington, D.C., on a daily basis so he could take care of his surviving sons.

Biden went on to remarry and have another daughter. In D.C., Biden developed a reputation for being a fierce partisan who was smart and did his "homework" on the issues. Biden's fierce partisanship was tempered by the friendships he developed in the United States Senate. Among those friendships was one with South Carolina's Strom Thurmond. Their friendship was so strong that Thurmond requested Biden to be one of the speakers at his funeral. Biden honored the request, showing up at a Columbia, SC church to pay tribute to Thurmond.

Biden's Presidential ambitions were stifled by the voters twice. Yet, Biden remained a respected member of the Senate and a man who Democrats could go to for experienced answers on complicated questions about world affairs.

If Biden is Obama's choice, watch out. Biden can be a sharp and witty pit bull on the stump. Biden has the experience and the brains to be one helluva of Vice Presidential candidate. Even if you, like me, do not really care for most of the positions on the issues Joe Biden takes, you have to respect the man. He is a smart and serious fighter for what he believes in.

Obama could do worse in a running mate. And, for those of us who are Republican, perhaps we should hope and pray that he will pick someone else.

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