Thursday, August 28, 2008

McCain must hit Obama hard

Obama's speech, long on rhetoric and attacks, and short on detailed answers to problems, created great American political theater. Not since JFK's speech at Los Angeles have so many Americans seemed so fired up in one place over a candidate who gave a mediocre address. That said, night four was a hit for the Democrats. It was a defining moment in the Presidential campaign that sent images throughout the nation. It was a declaration of political war.

McCain's folks had better see that. They need to attack and attack now. They need to spend what is left of the McCain war chest before the federal limit kicks in on how arrogant Obama is, how non-specific he is, how he has ties with very unsavory characters and how the message of the Democrats is wrapped in doom and gloom.

Let's also be frank about another thing. Barack Obama is obviously an intelligent man. You do not get an Ivy League law degree without being one. You don't beat the Clintons without being intelligent. However, his speech and his remarks of late remind me of a quote from Fritz Hollings about President George W. Bush, " If you walked through the waters of his mind in your loafers, you would not even get your socks wet."

To compete, the Republicans will have to pull off a more disciplined convention than the Democrats just put on. The Republicans will need each and every night of their convention to convince folks that John McCain is the safest and best choice in November.

To do that, the Republicans have to hit hard now. There is no tomorrow. If they choose to delay, Obama wins. It is that simple.

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