Saturday, August 09, 2008

vacation is over

Okay, as you might have guessed with the most recent Obama post, the vacation on Voting under the Influence is over. This week we were off the job. But, what a week.

First, the sad news about Bob Novak, a true pro pundit. Then, we learned about the brain tumor that Rod Shealy has. The latter was the toughest to accept. It is hard to fathom a SC political world without that guy in it. While I admit I do not know the infamous Mr. Shealy well personally, I always have respected him. When I was involved in a campaign at any level and heard he was in the that race as well, there was sort of a sense of dread. You knew you had your work cut out for you if that guy was involved. We at Voting under the Influence hope Earl Capps at his blog is right, and that Shealy leaves cancer begging for mercy. At the least that old political fighter gets our upmost respect and our prayers for full recovery.

There was the Olympic opening, made boring by the fact that the Russian bear has teeth again, as the Russians are making war with Georgia. No, not that Georgia we all hate called the bulldogs, but that nation over yonder. It could turn out to be one helluva mess since Georgia has such a close relationship with the United States and Western Europe. The old Russian bear is back, and it looks like he wants to bite.

Back to the local scene, the SC High School League showed its teeth and bit Greer's football program hard for alleged illegal practices. It seems the young men at Greer contacted one another too much in the first few days of practice and got suspended from preseason and post season games. While no one at Voting Under the Influence has a dog in Greer's fight, we will be pulling for them in their appeal of the sanctions. The SCHSL seems to be going too far and in the coming days, we are going to write more about that.

Anyway, it is great to be back. There is so much to talk about and so little time. The entire crack staff of Voting under the Influence looks foward to making some noise and having some fun for the rest of the year. Thanks for reading and for posting your comments.

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