Friday, August 15, 2008

Welcome to the big leagues, China

China seems shocked that the world noticed that their fireworks show on the opening night of the Olympic games was faked and that they had one little girl lip sinc another little girls voice of their national anthem because the former was cuter.

Now, China expressed dismay that the ages of their gold medal women's (perhaps we should say girl's) gymnastic team are being called into queston. Those little Chinese girls did perform well, but there is considerable doubt that they were all 16 or about to become 16, as the rules require. Welcome to the big leagues, China, and welcome to the world, where people are really questioned on whether or not they followed the rules of competition.

By it is false opening ceremony and what is apparent to many as cheating in the gymnastics, China, in its showcase to the world, has shown the world it is willing to cheat and cut corners to look good

No matter how much the Chinese government limits internet reporting from the games, or tries to spin it, more and more of the world is learning firsthand through the Olympic games that the Chinese are little more than cheap propaganda spinners.

That is hardly what China wanted to show the world. But, their acts speak so much louder than their propaganda.

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