Thursday, August 21, 2008

Will Obama send Tennenbaum to Israel?

The Obama folks just can not help it. Despite numbers that say they are in a real dogfight with John McCain for the Presidency, somehow, things keep leaking out about who will serve where in the "upcoming" Obama Administration.

London papers are reporting that Caroline Kennedy will be Ambassador to the Court of St. James, (uh, Great Britian for you foreign policy neophytes).

Rumors around South Carolina indicate that former Education Superintendent Inez Tennenbaum might be in line to be a would be President Obama's Ambassador to Israel. Multiple sources have expressed to the crack staff of Voting under the Influence how close Sam and Inez Tennenbaum are to the Senator from Illinois and how they will be rewarded for their support if Obama's election comes to pass.

One source stated something about Tennebaum being Obama's Secretary of Education. However, the notion of either Tennebaum being named Ambassador to Israel by Obama comes from several sources and seems to have some legs.

Of course, there is one thing for all to consider. Obama has not won the election yet.

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