Saturday, September 27, 2008

A debate that changed nothing

John McCain did better than the pundits thought he would, and Barack Obama managed not to faint or to curse, thus, to most pundits, and puppy eyed reporters, Obama won.

While I don’t believe that the debate changed the numbers at this time, I do believe it was telling.

First, John McCain did not come across as the tired old man Obama supporters were hoping for.

Second, Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton. The moon and stars seem to be aligning to make him the next President of the United States, but I ask my Obama friends to join us in being intellectually honest. Barack Obama is a lightweight. He can not communicate with the American people on the level of the leaders his supporters try to compare him to. If you look back at the debates with Clinton and Reagan in them, both those men were on a higher level than Obama.

A conservative friend of mine voiced concerns to me before Friday night’s debate about how McCain-Obama debates would be a repeat of the Dole-Clinton debates. He pointed out the scenario of and old war hero versus a young, intelligent, vigorous opponent.

That is not what happened Friday. We did a get a war hero, but he McCain seemed a bit more in touch than Dole did in 1996. As for Obama, he’s no Bill Clinton. Obama wraps himself in the negative with a smirk. But, that smirk could get him elected. Obama has the same smirk that President Bush had in 2000. Further, Obama seems to be able only to rely upon clich├ęd thoughts about issues, like President Bush in 2000.

Indeed, as a side note, isn’t it interesting how much like Bush Obama really is. They both are sons of prominent politicians. They both are Ivy League educated. They both seem to lack any deep, abiding, well thought out political principles. They both have ties to some rather unsavory characters that helped each make a lot of money. They both have light political resumes prior to Presidential politics. It is just an interesting side note. Maybe that is what Americans want in a President now: an Ivy League graduate with average intelligence, no real long held political principles, who you’d like to drink a beer with.

Back to the debate, as I said, it was not a game changer. Frankly, one could not expect a debate to be on a Friday night. It was odd to schedule a Friday night debate. So many people have high school football games to attend in which their kids play on the team or in the band. Friday is date night or movie night for a lot people. I believe the scheduling of the debate is why the ratings for it came in below the Bush Kerry numbers.

Palin and Biden square off on Thursday. That one could be a game changer.


  1. Obama won the debate, hands down. It is sad hat Obama has to waste his time even sharing the state with such a dishonest coward of a man.

    Whatever alleged heroics McCain did forty years ago are not relevant. McCain has hidden behind this so called torture for too long to be a tool of big business and against the average American.

    This campaign and the debate show what a dishonest and dishonorable man McCain is.

  2. "Obama Man," you are clearly an idiot.

    The mere fact that you take a breath is a result of heroes like John McCain.

    Sorry, Brian, but I call it like I see it.