Thursday, September 18, 2008

Democratic confusion and incompetence

The Democratic leader of the United States Senate, Harry Reid is perplexed. In media reports he said when it comes the Wall Street crisis, that ``no one knows what to do.'' That is why Democrats, who lead the most unpopular Congress in modern history, will go home in a week and campaign instead of work for the people.

Maybe that is not a bad thing. Because, knowing the Democrats and their philosophy, they would contend for more regulations and more taxes. They would likely join with the Republicans to find money to bail out more businesses out, as both parties are under the influence of lobbyists for such businesses.

So, perhaps it is good Congress will be going home. There are a couple of things Congress could do to spur the economy. One would be to eliminate the capital gains tax. That would spur investment back into the stock market. Another would be to reduce the income tax on small businesses. That would give the little guy a break while he deals with credit lines being harder to obtain. As much as those proposals make economic common sense, the sun will rise in the west and set in the east before the Democratic leadership buys into them.

Thus, we get Senate Majority Leader Reid. He seems smart enough to know that tax and regulate might not do, but he just can not fathom another way. Thus, he goes home, leaving us with "No one knows what to do."

Are those folks really the people you want to turn over the keys of Congress and the White House over to? For nearly two years, Reid and Nancy Pelosi have ran the Congress with no competence. They have failed in every goal they claimed to want, they have acted as partisan hacks to prevent things from going forward that could help the nation, and now, they are confused and going home.

Is that who we really want running this country the next four years?

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