Saturday, September 13, 2008

High school friday nights: Palmetto beats BHP

Belton Honea Path has solid facilities, a great atmosphere and a relatively recent state championship. Those qualities did not translate into victory on Friday night as the Palmetto High Mustangs won for just the seventh time against the Bears and for the first time in 12 years.

Palmetto hung on to win 7-6 after BHP’s second string kicker missed a potential game winning field goal with 7 seconds remaining. We at VUI feel bad for that kid. The spot of the ball on the hash mark and entire situation was just stacked against that kid. Here is hoping that the staff and students at BHP give that kid a break.

To give perspective on what Palmetto accomplished Friday night, lets take a look at history. When they last won against BHP, Bill Clinton was running for re-election and gas was 95 cents a gallon. Now President Bush was a first term Governor from Texas. Carroll Campbell was alive and was considered to be a running mate with Bob Dole on the Republican ticket. Usama Bin Laden was someone way down on the list of national security threats. David Beasley was Governor of South Carolina. Strom Thurmond was running for re-election to his last term.

You get the point. Palmetto pulled off a big win for its program Friday night. One that makes it coach, Jody LeCroy, the toast of Williamston, and one that makes BHP backers think about how best to show Wayne Green the door and find some young up and coming coach like Jeff Murdock at Ware Shoals to come take over the program.

It was another interesting night in high school football. Overall, Belton-Honea Path, regardless of the play on the field, is a spirited and family friendly place. It is a great place to take your kids to a game. It is a safe and friendly venue for fans. However, with the AAA Bears losing at home to AA Mustangs to go to 0-3, it might not be a friendly place for coaches.

Next week the entire crack staff of Voting under the Influence will be in Abbeville, as the Abbeville Panthers play host to 13 time Georgia state champion Lincoln County. It should be a fun one to watch.

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