Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Jasper Port and the Governor's legacy

Governor Mark Sanford has failed in many ways. The man just seems unable to work to have the South Carolina legislature go along with him on needed reforms.

However, one item Mark Sanford might redeem himself upon is the planned port at the mouth of the Savannah River in Jasper County.

Unlike other initiatives by the Governor, Governor Sanford and his people have been working with others, especially folks from the state of Georgia, to make the new port a real possibility. While the port might be years away in the making, it must be made clear that Sanford deserves credit for getting things started.

Governor Sanford's work with Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue on the Jasper Port issue will likely prove to be Governor Sanford's greatest contribution to South Carolina as Governor. The development of a port in Jasper County will create ten times the jobs BMW did in the upstate during the Campbell years and will make South Carolina an economic engine for years to come.

Democrats and Republicans who have a problem with how Sanford handles the office of governor have legitimate beefs. As Governor, Sanford has made a mess of so many things. However, on the Jasper port issue, Sanford has so far performed well. As such, Governor Sanford and his people deserve credit.

Now, if the Governor and his people could find the ability and sense to work with the South Carolina General Assembly on other issues, the Governor's eight years in office would not be considered the great waste so many pundits dismiss it as.


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