Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Liberals go sexist and Palin was a hit

As Day Three of the Republican National Convention unfolded, one of the strangest things I have ever seen in politics and journalism unfolded. For over thirty years we in the United States have heard media types and the left wing pundits tell us that women deserve equal treatment as men in the professional world. We have been told time and time again that women should have equal pay and access to career opportunities. (We at Voting under the Influence happen to agree with that idea. In fact, we are proud to have women stronger and more successful than all of us as friends.)

Now, apparently, those opportunities are not for women with children in the minds of some pundits and bloggers. Just google the words "Palin neglects family," and you will have all sorts of left wing hits come up. Even CNN's John Roberts asked if Palin was neglecting her special needs son by running for Vice President. Other mainstream pundits are asking the same thing, posing their allegation as a question.

In 1960, John F. Kennedy ran for President with two young children. His wife miscarried soon into his Presidency. Should he have resigned? In 1968, Robert Kennedy ran for President and was tragically shot during that campaign. However, did anyone say that as a man with 11 children, he should tend to family business? Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton ran for President with young daughters. Indeed, Barack Obama has two young daughters. Should we ask Mr. Obama to step aside? Indeed, has any man nominated for President or Vice President of either party been told by a pundit to stay home and mind the family?

We should not be surprised at their sexism. For those folks attacking Sarah Palin now for running for Vice President are the very same people who espouse how equal we all are, but tell some groups that they just can not make it without special help from the government. They are the same people who would not even consider the woman who got as many primary votes for the Democratic Presidential nomination to be their Vice Presidential nominee. Instead, Obama chose Joe Biden, a man, who as Mike Huckabee put it, "got less votes running for President than Sarah Palin did running for Mayor of Wasilla."

The attacks from the Left on Sarah Palin and her family are not just an insult to her and her family, but to millions of women who balance successful careers with family lives. It is an insult to the millions of men who realize that the woman in their life has real talent in her career and who supports his spouse or partner by playing a bigger role in the home and family life. Are we to assume that to liberals, those men are somehow lesser because they support the women in their lives?

Regardless whether or not Sarah Palin becomes the next Vice President of the United States, her very presence has enlightened us to the true sexist nature and anti-family nature of some men and women pundits on the Left.

As for Wednesday night's speeches, I noticed the humor. Mitt Romney, Mick Huckabee, Rudy Guiliani and Sarah Palin all had the folks in the hall laughing at the Obama candidacy. Palin had the best delivery and speech of the night. Palin showed she can hang with the "big boys" so to speak. Even Obama's campaign complimented Palin's delivery and charisma. In sum, Palin was a hit in her first big night on the national stage.

Of course, that will probably mean the Left will try to hit her and her family even harder in the next few days. It will be interesting to see if the Democrats continue this dangerous gamble of theirs to push their friends in the media to raise very sexist positions on Palin. Also, don't forget Joe Biden. He is smart and tough. But, in an new political environment like this, he is likely have one of those media moments about mothers and the workplace that will make Dan Quayle's Murphy Brown comments pale in comparison.


  1. Actually all I get from google is a link to your blog and a few items about the CNN thing.

    So this whole claim about her "neglecting her family" seems to be made up more by the right wing than the left. Last night was the first I've heard of it.

  2. Truth cuts both waysSeptember 05, 2008

    Snead, are not aware of the article from the Washington Post or the editor of Working Mother Magazine's comments?

    Come on, dude, your guys are playing the sexist card. saying you are not is about as lame as the First Bush's guys back in 1988 that said their Wilie Horton ad had nothing to do with race.

    Please. Take off the blinders.