Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One can put a suit on a street hustler, but he is still a street hustler

Obama might be the favorite of the third world countries to be the next President of the United States. You know those nations, they have dictators that run around in funny little hats who think women are possessions and that rights are things to laugh about.

Obama now kicks women again by comparing the woman that is the Vice Presidential nominee of the Republican party as a pig. What?

yep, the video above makes it clear. There was also some reference to a a fishy smell by Senator Obama.

It makes clear that Obama has given up the holier than thou high road he and his said he was on. Obama has taken it to the gutter level.

I suppose, after all, one can put a good suit on a street political hustler, but he is still a street hustler.


  1. This a cheap shot against Obama. People know Palin can not manager her own home, and something does smell fishy about a woman who can not keep her teen daughter from being knocked up.

  2. Obama man is full of crapSeptember 10, 2008

    Obama man, I guess Palin feels the same feelings as Obama's grandparents did when they learned their teenaged daughter was knocked up by a African playboy.

    At least Palin's kid's baby's daddy has the guts to marry her.