Sunday, September 21, 2008

Palin's Crowds and getting in Obama's head

The media made huge stories about the size of the crowds Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama had hear him speak. Whenever tens of thousands showed up for one of his rallies, the media made sure we knew about it.

Watch out, Senator Obama, you have competition for the rock star status now. The Fort Myers News Press reports that around 60,000 people showed up to hear Governor Sarah Palin speak near the southwest Florida community known as the Villages.

Since Palin's surprise nomination and her successful acceptance speech, Democratic operatives have launched every type of attack they can think of against the Alaska Governor. Despite their efforts, it appears that at this point in the campaign, Palin has developed a star quality that rivals Obama's and one that has marginalized Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden to angry speeches in front of much smaller crowds.

There are several reasons for Palin's unexpected rise. First, she is talented and her talk of reform and her courage to buck her own party's establishment appeals to rank and file folks who are tired of politics as usual. Second, the Democrats and many members of the media went too hard after Palin so far. Their respective attacks and reporting seem bitter and small.

Indeed, I keep waiting for one of CNN's reporters to break a story stating, "it seems in kindergarten, Ms. Palin received credit for coloring in a drawing that in fact was not completely colored in. You can see Ms. Palin's work here and see clearly it is not fully colored in, yet she received credit for it. Perhaps it was because she was a cute child or her parents were active in the PTA, Wolfe."

Wolfe Blitzer then would dutifully respond, "Thanks for that very interesting story about possible favoritism showed Governor Palin, we will stay on top of this and bring you up to the minute updates on this growing scandal. You can find the controversial work of Governor Palin on our website."

Not to be outdone, it would not shock me if some Democratic party operative came up with an ad that stated, "Kindergarten is supposed be a time for fairness. But, while in Kindergarten, the cute white girl named Sarah got a special deal in that she got credit for a drawing she did not color in. Is that what we want for our children? Paid for by People against Palin."

Perhaps I exaggerate to make a point, but the truth remains the silly stories and attacks made by the Left against Palin have backfired. Regardless of whether or not they agree with her policy stands, people just are not buying the petty and bitter attacks made against Palin. Instead, they are rallying to her.

It has to be frustrating to the pop culture conscious Obama crowd. Win or lose this election, they now have a rival in their star status.

As a POW, McCain got into the heads of the men trained well to get into his head who held McCain captive. Win or lose the election, John McCain showed us that by picking Palin, he still has the knack of messing with the heads of those who think they control him.

The presence of Sarah Palin is in Obama's and Biden's heads. Her presence is in their operatives' heads. Further, whether they are honest enough to admit it or not, one can rest assured that there are senior Democratic party leaders worried that the presence of Palin, and now her crowds that rival Obama's, might lead to some sort of meltdown by either Obama or Biden in the upcoming Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates.

You see, the choice of Sarah Palin was a gamble. However, it was a gamble of a man who learned politics not on the streets of the South Side of Chicago, but in the brutal political world of the Hanoi Hilton. John McCain as a POW saw politics at its very worst, where standing up for principle got you beaten, where everyday was a chess match not for political victory, but for very survival. That makes getting into the heads of political opponents relatively easy. While this is a horrible year for a Republican Presidential candidate, John McCain formed in his youth a simple disbelief in the no win scenario. That is why he picked Palin. So far, it is has worked. He is in the Democrats' heads and has turned certain political defeat into a fighting chance at victory. For all those people around Obama who saw the Senator as "anointed" already, it has to be one frustrating time. No wonder they are lashing out so.

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