Friday, October 24, 2008

Absentee ballots are up, but are they all legal?

Various news reports are indicating that absentee voting in South Carolina is going to be at record levels. New voter registration was at record levels as well. On the surface, that might sound good for democracy in the Palmetto State.

However, there are things going on that are worrisome. Many of the new registrations were filed in a window in which elections commissions will not have enough time to verify their legality. Most counties simply do not have the resources to verify the voters in time. Absentee ballots cast only add to the verification problem.

Some might scoff at that notion, others might not care. But, let us be clear. Each and every illegal vote cast is a wanton violation of the civil rights of legal voters. The massive amount of money and voter registration fraud introduced into our system this year is nothing to celebrate or be hopeful about. Indeed, it cheapens our nation and gives us a Third World feel. Regardless who wins at the polls, we should all, left and right, commit ourselves to make sure those who violated our election and campaign financing laws are prosecuted for their crimes against the civil rights of law abiding citizens.

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