Friday, October 03, 2008

The best ground game I have ever seen

I have to give Barack Obama one thing. He has the best political ground game I have ever seen.

The Obama campaign is good at the expected things, such as having a long list of people to sign letters to the editor ghostwritten by campaign staffers. However, they also have the "street money" to make sure transient supporters can temporarily live and vote in battleground states. Add to that their unofficial effort to have so called "undecided voters" who are really on the side of Obama find their way into various forums. The Obama campaign's voter registration effort has been incredible.

Let's face it, the Obama folks are good at the ground game. That is how they won the Democratic nomination from Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that Clinton got more popular votes in the primary process. The Obama folks had the ground game in place to pack caucuses and rack up delegates. They are now taking that same strength to the general election stage.

From what I have learned, the Obama people do not care about national polling. They only care about the battleground states, and are working to make sure they can either move in or motivate as many voters as possible to vote for them. Ethically, the Obama-Biden campaign's efforts are despicable. Politically, they are genius.

Simply put, while the media dwells on debates and the so called "air war" that is television and internet ads, the Obama campaign is making moves on the ground that will make a difference. It is a raw and naked grab at power, the likes of which have not been seen since the days of Lyndon Johnson in Texas.

With homeless people having moves to states like Ohio financed by whomever to vote for Obama and other similar moves, an old political hand like me has to give credit where credit is due. Obama and the Democrats have a great ground game this year. Sure, they are stretching the rules to the limits, but we Republicans must face the great ground game we are up against. Obama's people are working their behinds off looking for ways to get around the rules of elections.

Frankly, Obama has the best ground game I have ever seen. The Republicans had better wake up and get a ground game of their own. If the Republicans do not answer to the door to door and the person to person passion that the Obama campaign has, they had better get ready to live with President Obama come January 20th, 2009.


  1. So black people get some help to make sure they can get to the polls. What the Hell is wrong with that? You seem mad that your guy doesn't know how to pay uptight white bitches to votes.

    We Democrats take care of our voters, and give them something for the love that they show us. There ain't one damn thing wrong with that, you cracker ass mother..

    You are damn right. You white folks had better get ready to call Obama "Mr. President," and get those checkbooks out to pay people reparations for the evil slavery you imposed on us.

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