Friday, October 17, 2008

For the record: we will still be here

I know that there are rumors about how so many blogs will be gone come election day. This one will not be one of those blogs. The crackerjack staff of Voting under the Influence will remain and will even offer things like tee shirts promoting the site between now and Christmas. We at VUI are here for the long haul. Our crackerjack staff members are already working on posts about life in SC without politics and about the 2010 state elections. Things like the VUI church sign project will be kicked in to a higher gear after election day, along with our Friday night high school football reports, which will hit high gear after the election as the state playoffs take form.

In other words, we are here to stay. Sure, some bloggers are paid to blog. Other bloggers have an narrow agenda tied to a campaign. We don't. We are here giving our views on life and politics in South Carolina for the long haul. And, yes, that includes being around after Mark Sanford leaves office in January of 2011. Tis the beauty of being broke and honest. It is incredible how honest one can be when he is not getting paid to comment by a political faction. The crackerjack staff of Voting under the Influence all realize that really scares and/or irritates some people. We lie awake at night worried sick over how upset those people are that we call it like we see it, with no money being paid to us. :)

Thanks for reading and commenting, we ain't going nowhere, as the old saying goes.

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