Tuesday, October 07, 2008

High School Friday Nights O-W at Dutch Fork

The Dutch Fork Silver Foxes played host in a AAAA regional matchup against the Orangeburg-Wilkinson Bruins.

On the field, the game was sloppy. Both teams scored touchdowns off of fumbles. O-W could not convert any points after touchdown. Dutch Fork's defense made some mistakes in the second half that led to O-W's 30-15 victory.

The best part of the night was the Dutch Fork Silver Spirit band's halftime show. Those kids are good and will knock your socks off.

The football team at Dutch Fork is struggling. Two years ago coach Kimrey had the foxes in the state semifinals. This year's team is a long way from that level. However, I rate Kimrey's coaching at B and his team showed good effort.

Here are the rest of the grades of a night of football at Dutch Fork High School:

Stadium: B ( I would give it an A. It is has a great press box. But, the lightposts between the spectators and the stadium leave about a third of the spectators with an impaired view of the field. )

Family friendly? Yes. The only complaint is not about gangs, but about loud middle school children who seem to run in packs all over stadium. It is the old $6 babysitting service problem.

Overall experience: B+. It is safe place to go watch a game with your kids. Again the only downside is the middle school aged students running around the stadium. If you go, don't get up and go the concession stand at halftime. Sit and watch the Dutch Fork band. It is worth it.

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