Saturday, October 11, 2008

High School Friday Nights: Ware Shoals at Dixie

The crackerjack staff of Voting under the Influence returned to Oates Stadium in Due West to watch a Region 1-A contest between the host Dixie Green Hornets and the visiting Ware Shoals Hornets, (who sport purple and gold).

The contest between hornets was no contest as Coach Jeff Murdock's Ware Shoals team ran the old fashioned Wing T to perfection, amassing 308 rushing yards in the first half in route to a 38-11 over Dixie. Ware Shoals running back Lance Richardson should be noted for his 204 yards of rushing in the first half and three touchdowns in the second quarter.

Coach Murdock and his Ware Shoals team should be commended for outstanding execution on offense and playing solid defense. A chunk of high schools today go with the standard spread offense. Murdock's adherence to the Wing T makes the Hornets a challenge to defend. Murdock and his players made that challenge even more difficult Friday night with nearly flawless execution. Even when Dixie had 10 men in "the box," Ware Shoals found the success that comes with simple things like good blocking and misdirection. Do not be surprised if this Ware Shoals team makes some noise come playoff time.

Dixie fell flat. Though down 31-3 at the half, the Green Hornets had a complete breakdown by turning over the ball the first three times they possessed it in the second half. Those kids were rattled, and it is understandable. However, they are just 0-1 in region play and can still find a way to the playoffs.

As for the atmosphere, Oates Stadium is a family friendly place. The hot dogs are really good for a high school game. The concession prices are reasonable. Visitor seating is very limited, so be prepared to stand up if you are coming in from another school.

There is also one thing that Russ did not mention when he wrote about Dixie a few weeks ago: parking. Dixie High is adjacent to the campus of Erskine College. There are also several churches nearby. Take the time to park at the college or at a church and walk. If you park along the street, you risk getting a parking ticket. While I do not know the particulars of Due West city parking laws, I did see a Due West police officer walking down the street issuing tickets.

One last note about something that seemed a bit strange. When Dixie's homecoming court was driven around the field, the stadium speakers blasted ACDC's "She Shook All Night Long." Now, while that might get some readers to go "Hell yeah," I would be pretty ticked if my teenage daughter rode around to that playing for her.

All and all a good evening of high school football. Watch Murdock and Ware Shoals. They are good.

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