Friday, October 31, 2008

I learned about the Democrats early in life

As I am in a nostalgic mood about old Halloweens, I thought I would share how I learned at a very early age how the Democrats operated.

In 1976, my parents, as a lot of South Carolinians, were excited about the campaign of Jimmy Carter for President. As a result, as a little kid I got to hear Jimmy Carter speak. One of his promises stuck in my young head. Carter said, if elected, he would see that every man, woman and child in America got $50. As an adult, I realize it was probably just one of those excited things a candidate says when wound up on the campaign trail. But, as a kid, I believed Jimmy Carter.

My parents remember it better than I do, but I do remember looking forward to my $50. I apparently made plans about what I was going to do with the money. I admit I do not remember those plans, but I do remember how let down I was when I never got that $50 from Jimmy Carter. Four years later, I made a poster for Ronald Reagan for my social studies class. I have been a Republican ever since.

My parents often rib me about how I hate to be fooled by someone. I guess it was something I was born with. As a child, I loathed magicians and magic shows. Recently, when retelling the Carter story to me, my mother reminded me how I hated magicians when I was a kid. She reminded me that when I was a child, if a magic show was on tv, I got quickly disgusted. I still do not like magic shows. I can not get why people pay to be tricked. Forgive me David Copperfield and Chris Angel. You can blame Jimmy Carter.

I learned at an early age that Democrats will say and promise anything to get you to support them. However, in the end, they just want to trick you to gain power. Perhaps the only thing more disgusting to me as an adult is how the modern day Republican Party seems unable to communicate to people how most conservative ideals actually make life better for all the people. Both sides now seem to be putting on their own magic shows for some reason.

Obama's magic show might be the biggest of all. Never before have so many people seemed so eager to be fooled. I am not buying it. I am still waiting on my $50 from Jimmy Carter.


  1. Well, this is more or less the same country that was tricked into re-electing Bush, so go figure.

    Happy Halloween

  2. AnonymousMay 13, 2009

    Since you were 5 years old when Carter promised a $50 tax cut for every working American, and that prompted you to become a Republican, it appears that your attention span was very limited then, and more so now!

  3. AnonymousJuly 03, 2009

    You must be thrilled now with SC magician extraordinaire, Mark Sanford, and his disappearing act. Does his Republican and conservative leanings (which only apply to others and not himself, personally)make this magic show more enjoyable for you?