Friday, October 17, 2008

The lost issue of this year's campaign

With the media's focus on the economic crisis, one huge factor of American life has been left out of the debate. That factor is the war on terrorism we are in engaged in. While Obama and the Democrats, and frankly even McCain, pounce upon the record of the President of the United States, I offer this scene from seven years ago, when President Bush stood tall in the saddle. I also note, like him or not, there has not been a terrorist attack on American soil since President Bush made war on terror. It is the issue no one seems to want to talk about. It is politically incorrect to give Bush credit. But, to be honest, Bush did what he said he would do in regards to terror and one day it will be noted to his credit.

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  1. We have also not had a domestic terrorist attack since the Queen Mum died... I'm just sayin'

    It is a ridiculous notion to assume a war on an abstract idea is responsible for the absence of anything.