Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain tells the truth, but Obama scores

The debate on Wednesday night was finally a debate. John McCain turned in his most inspired performance of the year, but it might not matter. John McCain was more factual and in the old debate scoring of a college debate, the clear winner. However, that will not matter.

Obama got to the majority of Americans who are desperate for a democratic victory or who get caught up in charisma. I know that is harsh and will be criticized by some. But, let's be honest. A country that loves following the trials and tribulations of the likes of Brittany Spears and watches American Idol just will not listen to the old guy who reminds them of their father or grandfather telling them life truths. Instead, they will flock to the good looking, smooth talking young guy who can speak for minutes on end and say nothing.

Never mind that McCain is a war hero. Never mind that he speaks the truth. McCain is not cool. Obama is. To modern day America, that is what matters. And, we wonder why we are in trouble at home and abroad. McCain is from the era of Gary Cooper and John Wayne. Obama is from the Brittany Spears era. In that latter, you can say nothing, but if you say it well, you win.

McCain missed some chances to hit Obama even harder on the ACORN scandal and how it tramples the rights of legal voters. But, that really does not matter in the big scheme of things. It is hip to be for Obama. The cliche intellectuals and those who aspire to join them in the pop culture don't care about the facts. They are too busy falling all over themselves swooning over Obama and his charisma about nothing.

It has to be frustrating for McCain. For, like Gary Cooper in High Noon, he showed up at the showdown and fired his bullets of truth. The difference is today that the majority of Americans seemed not to care how those bullets landed. That is the stark reality of this election and the state of the American nation. We are on the precipice of socialism and the Republican party has no clear and "hip" vision to counter it.

Simply put, John McCain showed himself Wednesday night as the straight talking hero he is. The problem is it appears that the majority of Americans don't care either about straight talkers or heroes. At one point, I actually hoped John McCain would have walked off the stage and said, " You can not debate a man who makes up things as he goes." That is about the only way to combat the smooth, say anything approach of the the Chicago street hustler turned President-elect in waiting.

Chances are, Obama will be the next President of the United States. Reality is reality. The numbers are the numbers. But, such tells us where our nation is headed. When a glib guy who makes it up as he goes along, and says nothing is rewarded and a proven hero to the country who tells it like it is is shown the door politically, it tells us where we are as a country. We seem to be choosing the next American idol, not a President.

As such, we will likely end up reaping the seeds we are sowing with our ignorance and pop culture mentality. During the next four years, we will likely have a President who says and thinks nothing, but says nothing well. Perhaps the European press is correct, this could be the beginning of the end of American power. How interesting that the son of a third world diplomat will usher in the waning days of American influence and power.


  1. Admit it, white boy, you are pissed because America is going for the black guy. Like a blonde white woman who knows what she can get, America is going black. And, get this you pale ass cracker, it ain't never going back.

    I wish Obama had a white blonde wife because it would piss you off so much you would have a stroke.

    America is like a fine blonde white woman, once she goes black, she ain't never going back.

  2. Is President-elect Obama giving it good to to a white woman? I have not heard that. But if he is, he will piss me off. Fine black men ought to keep the good stuff for the sisters.

  3. You do not understand Obama. He speaks to our desires and needs and completes us. He is our great leader. As a woman, I can hardly control myself when I see him talk. He touches me on the deepest levels. Don't you get how much he really cares about us and how much we wants to please us?

  4. Hey there Mr. Bitter McCarty, get ready forthe Obama train. It is coming, and you better learn to live with it.

    Cheating? Well, if we have to. Whatever it takes to send you Bush people back to your caves.

    Obama kicked ass last night. No doubt about it. And, he is buying the votes to make sure you Republicans can not steal the election from him.

    Get ready, McCarty, real life Obama style is coming.

  5. I felt the same way in '04:

    John Kerry - War hero? Pfft. Let's go with the frat boy.