Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama's road to a damaged Presidency

As much as I was involved in South Carolina political campaigns during the 1990s, it was not until I met with an individual along the coast in 2004 that I really understood some of the things going on with our elections. It was a couple of weeks from Election Day, and after our business concluded, the conversation shifted to the weather and the election. I was told point blank the words, “I have already mailed in my absentee ballots for Kerry both here in South Carolina and my home state of Ohio.” There was no hint of guilt or joking. It was a matter of fact statement.

Since then, I have thought often about how easy it is for someone to vote in more than one state for President. Some states, such as North Carolina, have the insane idea of registering and voting on the same day in the days before an election. Other states simply have lax requirements for voters when it comes to absentee ballots. Such low standards for voting are in place in order to make it easy for people to vote. That is a noble idea. However, what appears to happening at an alarming rate is that the noble idea of making voting easy is being exploited by those wishing to commit voter fraud.

Indeed, voter eligibility is the ugly part of politics. There is credible evidence that Republican Secretary of State Katherine Harris of Florida purged too many names from the voter rolls in the months leading to the 2000 election. Now, in states such as Ohio, it appears that Democratic officials charged with elections are all but ignoring the apparent massive voter fraud in favor of their candidate.

The United States Court of Appeals, however, is trying to bring some sense of honesty to the process in Ohio, by ordering Ohio’s Secretary of State to provide a mechanism for verifying those who vote in Ohio are qualified to vote in Ohio.

What puzzles me is that so called champions of freedoms, such as the liberal activist group ACORN, are livid about such verification. What is it that drives such people, who otherwise love rules and laws, to want to throw rules and laws out when it comes to voting? Why are they so eager to ignore how illegal voters trample the rights of legal voters?

Add to the voting problem the amount of small donations Obama gets that have a hard time being verified and you get a situation in which Obama, if elected, will have the legitimacy of his Presidency questioned. By being so stubborn in not condemning election shenanigans, Obama is endangering his ability to be an effective President if elected.

Have doubts about that? Remember Richard Nixon? Richard Nixon was re-elected by a huge landslide in 1972. A few news stories were written about some election related incidents with his Committee to Re-elect the President. You might remember one of those stories; it was about a break-in at the Watergate Hotel. Not even six months into his second term, Richard Nixon’s presidency was crippled.

Obama, like Nixon, is not the darling of his own party. If the various news accounts about potential voter fraud and fund raising fraud come to fruition, Obama will see members of his on party turn on him along with the Republicans.

I realize some believe that the media would never allow that. However, keep in mind the media is not as biased as it is interested in a good story. A President of the United States who cheated to win is a good story. But, America will lose with yet another scandal ridden administration.

Of course, John McCain can change all of this by defying the odds yet again and winning the election. Then, I predict, CNN will have live coverage of the birth of Sarah Palin’s grandchild.


  1. White boys like you had better get over it, that is all I got to say. You better get ready for Mr. President Obama. No matter how he gets it, the world will celebrate when a black man with a muslim name takes over the United States. Oh, I can not wait to vote my votes. I have earned them by being a black man in America.

    It is no longer, "yes we can." It is "look out white boys, yes, we will!"

    What I really love about Barack is that he is going to steal and cheat like the white man. He won't roll over and say "massah"

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  2. intersting comparison on Obama and Nixon. It seems Obama, like RN, will do anything to win, even when it is not needed.

    Any idea about who the modern day Sam Ervin will be? My guess is John McCain.