Friday, October 24, 2008

The other big miss by the media: Palin's troopergate

Much ado is being made about the "investigation" made by the factions who loathe Governor Sarah Palin's reforms in Alaska into her role in firing the state's Public Safety director. At the heart of the matter is a story that the media misses, I suppose, due to their Obama blindness, or perhaps again, soft sexism.

The trooper at the heart of the questions was Palin's ex brother in law. Of course, that does make one skeptical. However, when you look at the serious nature of the allegations against that trooper from different sources: abuse of a child, abuse of a spouse, drinking in a patrol car, shooting an animal out of season with a state owned firearm, etc, it seems any Governor or any reporter worth two bits would ask questions. Frankly, isn't it against the very espoused values of the "progressive" media that they go after the Governor who asked the questions and not the operation that kept such a trooper in place?

One can wager that if Virginia Governor Tim Kaine asked similar questions about a trooper with similar allegations, the Democratic Governor would be hailed as a reformer and a hero by the "progressive" media.

Frankly, a Governor of either party should be lauded for finding out why on the edge cops are kept on the job. It is for the good of us all. I don't know about all you "progressive" readers out there, but as for as I am concerned, I really don't want to deal with a state trooper who has been drinking and has anger issues at a traffic stop. I just can not see what is so wrong with any Governor asking questions about any state trooper with such allegations against him.

Normally, the "progessive" media would not either. But, they have sold their souls to attack Governor Palin anyway that they can, even at the cost of defending someone they would normally go after. It is a big miss by the media by their traditional standards, and it has them defending an allegedly rogue cop.

I bet Mark Furhman wishes he had worked in Alaska and been married to Sarah Palin's sister at some point in his life.

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  1. Damn, cracker, you got my ass confused. I do hate a crazy white cop. I hate to admit it, but you make some good points. We got to get those crazy ass cracker cops off the streets.