Sunday, October 12, 2008

SC House District 124: Help the Sergeant at Arms save money

The South Carolina House of Representatives Sergeant at Arms might need more money in the upcoming state budget if he has to deal Mr. Jim Brown, the Democratic candidate for the South Carolina House District 124 seat. According to published reports in the Beaufort Gazetee, found here, it appears that the Democratic nominee for House district 124 is quite the hell raiser at public institutions.

Part of me says "hooray" for Mr. Brown. However, with the state in the midst of a budget crisis, the last thing the House of Representatives needs is a hothead that has to be controlled. Indeed, if one reads the various media reports about Mr. Brown, it is clear that the South Carolina House of Representatives' Sergeant at Arms might look to increase his budget to just insure order with Mr. Brown present.

In these trying times we as a state face, we do not need hotheads with inflated egos. We need leadership. Here is hoping that the people of South Carolina House district 124 feel that way and keep the rest of us from having to come up with more money for the Sergeant at Arms.

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