Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Swing away, McCain

It might not be what Republicans want to read, and it is certainly not what I want to write, but as I embrace reality, the debate on Tuesday night was no game changer for McCain. As I enjoy boxing, I will compare this debate to a great boxing match that turned out boring.

Obama left himself wide open for a knockout blow on at least three occasions. Instead of going off script and going for the big punch, McCain clinched and seem content to come out of the debate not being knocked out himself.

Someone needs to tell McCain he is behind on points and needs to swing away.

If the poll numbers are correct, Obama is the one that needs to play it safe, not McCain. Yet, it was McCain that played it safe. For so many reasons, Obama wins a debate by simply not being knocked out. While McCain did seem to have a better grasp of the issues, especially international issues facing the United States, Obama was allowed to dodge and weave and survive. Frankly, that is all Obama needed to do. If the Obama people have an objective political brain, they know their candidate left himself open for the knockout blow on more than one occasion. The Obama people have to be thrilled McCain chose to clinch instead of punch.

Overall, reality calls the debate a draw. However, as a Republican, I am disappointed. My party's nominee could have hit a helluva lot harder. Instead McCain played it safe. As a result, the debate was no game changer and Obama should continue to enjoy his lead.

I am hoping someone convinces McCain to swing away in the third and final debate. All the bull manure about respecting Obama as the first black nominee of a major party is that, bull manure. Obama is a major player, it is time to treat as such and hit him. McCain is not in the ring with Mickey Mouse or Aunt Bee from Mayberry, he is in the ring with a real contender, and if John McCain wants to be President, he had better fight Obama like he is a real contender, not someone who has to be deferred to in order to please some politically correct faction.

I have a lot of respect for what Charlie Black has done over the years in politics. However, if Black and the others around McCain are advising him to play it safe, they are wrong. We are in the late rounds, McCain is behind on points. It is time to hit Obama hard when he leaves a punch open. Playing it safe just will not do. This one can not be won on points.

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  1. You understand that there is no way in Hell that SC Hotline would ever link to this post, right? You know they would not. Will would be so pissed, he might try to get their checks cut off.