Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Time for Obama to come clean

The forces of this political season are lining up in such a way in which anyone with the Democratic nomination would be favored to win the White House. I know that is not pleasant to consider for so many readers and it is not pleasant for me to write, but reality is reality.

It is that reality that demands that Barack Obama come clean about his associates and his fund raising.

Let's start with Obama's associates. Most of us know about Rev. Jeremiah Wright and how Obama pleaded ignorant to the hate speech of the pastor that performed Obama's wedding. Perhaps a good many Americans let that association slide, because, for better or worse, a good many of us attend a church and sleep during the sermons.

However, when such an association comes up again, one has to pause. Enter William Ayers, one of the former leaders of the Weather Underground. The Weather Underground Mr. Ayers helped to lead is not the website known now for offering weather statistics and forecasts. According the New York Times in 1981, Mr. Ayers' Weather Underground was a group that called itself "underground communists," published a manual for its followers to use violence, and did use violence in terrorists attacks in the 1970s against the United States and Capitol and Pentagon.

The Politico reported, along with other sources, that Barack Obama's elected political career got its start in the home of Willam Ayers in 1995. An event was hosted in Ayers' home to showcase then state senate candidate Obama has a potential tool for the far left liberals in his area. According to the New York Times, in 1997, State Senator Obama returned the favor from Ayers by praising a book Ayers penned about the juvenile justice system. Various sources cite how Ayers and Obama worked together on various issues.

Obama's first response to such things coming to light was that he, Obama, was a child when Ayers acted violently. That is true. However, Obama was an adult and an elected official when he chose to work with a man who has never voiced one bit of regret of acting like a terrorist. Obama's campaign hees and haws, attacks McCain, attacks the New York Post, attacks the New York Times, but never do they face the fact that the likely next President of the United States has close ties with a man who has spent his life openly advocating overthrowing the United States.

Add to that the odd donations Senator Obama is getting for his campaign. Small donations from fake names are coming in time and time again. Newsweek reported how when business are contacted, such as a Goodwill store in Texas, whose address was listed for a contributor named "Good Will," folks have no idea what is going on.

It is time for Obama to come clean, for the nation. He should admit he really did not grasp who Ayers was and was trying to get things done, but it was wrong to deal with the guy. That admission should be coupled with an apology.

Further, Obama should admit his staff has messed up on donations, fire someone, and send a lot of money back.

As a Republican, I should not suggest the above two items. But, as an American, if Obama does become President, I know that his past associations, and the things those men will expect from him as President, and the questions about his fund raising, will cripple an Obama presidency. Some of you Democratic readers might dismiss that, but in a Rush like moment, remember, I did mention Sarah Palin long before others did.

Obama has to come clean before he is elected President, or he will spend much of the early days of his Presidency dealing such issues. That is reality. Of course, if Obama is so selfish that he does not care about his country if he President, just as long as he wins, then perhaps he won't come clean. But, a real man of the people, as Obama claims to be, would come clean now, and let the political chips fall where they may.

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  1. I apologize for not reading all of this but I had to stop at the part where you say Ayers "has never voiced one bit of regret of acting like a terrorist." That's not true. Ayers apologized, personally, to people hurt by his attacks. They have said time and again they weren't trying to hurt people.

    I'm not saying that makes the guy a saint, but it's a fact that is being conveniently omitted from every post I read about this issue.