Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vote No to Anderson County sales tax increase

If one listens to the proponents of the penny sales tax increase for so called capital projects in Anderson County, one would think the the Lord Jesus himself would be for such a thing. However, like most things in Anderson County politics, the hype covers up how inept the program is.

First, the penny sales tax is an effort to raise money to borrow money. Supposedly, $165 million will be raised with the tax to be able to borrow and spend $800 million on capital projects. It is really wise to raise money to borrow money in these troubled economic times? It is really wise to raise that money to borrow money on the backs of working folks who pay the sales tax?

Then there is the list of projects. Some are roads that need repairing. Other roads do not really need any work done, but they are included anyway for political and business purposes. Add to that millions for gyms, parks and municipal building upgrades.

In other words, Anderson County taxpayers are being told, "if you want to get some money to fix some problems, you better pay up to pay off the politicians who want this and that pet project done."

The Anderson County tax scheme dubs itself as "good cents." Well, frankly, I think that campaign believes the people have "no sense." It is far past time for people to rise up against leaders who hold needed funds for needed projects hostage to get pet projects done. It is a damn outrage!

Voters should vote "NO" in Anderson County to the pork laden tax increase project. Anderson County Council should come back with a trimmed down version that includes only essential road and bridge projects with a pay as you go method.

Like any good citizen, I will gladly pay more sales tax to make sure bridges are safe and roads are safe. But, I refuse to pay one penny for pet pork projects. People in Anderson County should be outraged at what is before them with the so called good cents program. We are essentially being told that if we want a bridge fixed, we have to give money for a community center some town politician and his brother in law contractor want.

It is a despicable practice our local leaders are engaging in. It is a practice that is against the dignity and honor of the good people of Anderson County. Vote No to the penny sales tax increase and vote no more to being pushed around by the politicians.

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