Sunday, November 02, 2008

Anderson politics make strange bedfellows

There is an old saying that "politics makes strange bedfellows." No campaign shows that better than the campaign of Democrat Marshall Meadors against incumbent state Senator Kevin Bryant.

For whatever reason, Democrat Meadors, who is relying heavily on support from the African American community, touts in a recent mail out in Powdersville the support of the controversial Ron Wilson.

If you remember, Ron Wilson is a past Commander in Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Wilson had a controversial reign there and wound up on a group of individuals to watch by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Thus, Wilson is an unlikely bedfellow for Marshall Meadors. It would seem that the liberals and some African Americans backing Meadors would be put off by Meadors's accepting such support and openly embracing such a controversial figure.

Meadors and Wilson do have three things in common. First they both spend a good bit of their own money in their campaigns to juice up support. Second, both seem to have a personal dislike for Kevin Bryant. Wilson's is honest. Bryant beat Wilson in 2004 in the GOP primary for the seat. There is nothing like knocking off the guy that knocked you off in politics. And, of course, there is county government politics. Meadors and Wilson both enjoy the backing of the Preston crowd.

If the Wilson-Meadors union is odd for Meadors, it is damaging for Wilson. Ron Wilson shook off the shackles of his political unsavory past to win two terms on Anderson County Council. However, Wilson's latest act wins him no love from the Cindy Wilson faction in Anderson politics, or from Democrats, who are only using him, and it hurts him with the traditional Republican voters who don't care for a political scalawag in their midst.

It is also interesting to point out that the Meadors campaign, supposedly the campaign for education, can not spell the word education in the mail in question.

There is a lot more to write about in that race, but as I have friends on both sides of that fight, I will simply endorse Kevin Bryant, and shake my head at the bizarre mail of the Meadors campaign.


  1. I have good friends on both sides as well. I am supporting Kevin Bryant. He's a good man, who actually has a plan for education. I would like to know what Meadors plan is. He never says. I would suppose that he supports the same failed system that has been in place for many years. Sad.

    Now to RG Wilson. He has committed political suicide. You never hitch your wagon to a losing horse. You never endorse a liberal candidate from the opposing side. Wilson has done both. He has pissed off a bunch of powerful political players in Anderson.

    Ronnie Gene Wilson's political obituary is being written as we speak. He will never win another election. Mark my words.

  2. Southern FriedNovember 04, 2008

    General Wilson will prevail against any and all enemies. The Republicans betrayed us in 1861 and they betray us now.

    The Anderson County GOP is nothing but a bunch of yankees and carbetbaggers. Hooray for General Wilson! Hooray for the new Southern Rights!