Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Breaking News: Preston out in Anderson County

Just a few moments ago, VUI got word that by a 5-2 vote, Anderson County Council voted to buyout the contract of Administrator Joey Preston and send him on his way. More details as they come in. An era of division in Anderson politics appears to be coming to an end.

Update: Council just named Micheal Cunningham the new Administrator. At least Mr. Cunningham will be administrator until January. Who knows what the new council will do.

Another Update: As expected by some, all political Hell seems to be breaking loose over tonight's moves by county council. People are talking lawsuits and criminal charges. How unfortunate. The anti-Preston folks have won. Preston is gone. We can now move on a with a conservative pro-growth agenda. Cindy Wilson and her crew are acting like the dog that finally caught the car. They have no idea what to do next other than to talk about getting that damn car. Preston's gone, people. Celebrate, don't hate.


  1. Did he pour water on Cindy Wilson before he left?

  2. Let's see, a failed 1% sales tax and now a 1.14 million dollar buyout of the county administrator? Where will this money come? Yes, I've heard of Mr Greer's idea of not filling the empty slots and so on. What good will it really do blowing the counties money to get rid of Preston? One more, just how must better will Cunningham be?

  3. Great, now I have found out where the money is going to come from. The roads and bridges fund, wait, isn't that what they wanted the 1% sales tax for? So great job Anderson county let the roads turn back to dirt and have firetrucks fall through bridges to buyout Preston.

  4. Highly questionable parliamentary procedures aside (does anyone really believe that there was no [potentially illegal] collaboration between the 5 council members over this??), my qualm is with the size of the buyout: $1.14 million is roughly equivalent to 6 years' salary for Preston, which seems highly extravagant, especially given that this is taxpayer money we're talking about, and in a tight economy at that.