Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Congratulations go out first to State Senator Kevin Bryant and Rep. Don Bowen, both fought off tough fights in a tough year. Congratulations go out to Floyd Nicholson and Tony Davis, who ran two strong Democratic campaigns in Greenwood County that proved that politics is indeed local at its core.

Congratulations to the people of Anderson County for voting "no" on the capital sales tax that had turned into a pork boondoggle.

There are other tips of the hat to be given, such as to Joe Wilson for fighting off his toughest challenger yet. There are others, and perhaps over the next week or so I will point on some of the winners and losers of the night.

Of course, the final, and the biggest congratulations goes to President-elect Obama and his supporters. I will leave it to others more talented than I am to state the historical significance of an African American being elected President of the United States. I will instead praise the President-elect and his team tonight for their relentless and masterfully ran campaign. The President-elects victory actually illustrates the heart of Republican Principles in that if one has self confidence, works hard and seizes opportunity, the possibilities are endless.

I also think we as Americans should thank John McCain for his courage and service to our country and for the dignity in which he exited the Presidential race. I hope Democrats will join me acknowledging the honor and service of John McCain.

I will write more later in the week about the races, the things I saw monitoring the polls, and where I think we go from here.

For now, I am have never been prouder to be an American or to be a Republican.


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