Friday, November 07, 2008

Expect Tennenbaum to end up somewhere

With all the speculation going around about the new Obama team, one thing seems certain, former South Carolina Superintendent of Education Inez Tennenbaum will end up somewhere on the Obama team.

Insides sources tell me that Tennenbaum and her husband were close to the Obama campaign throughout the election process. Possible places for Tennenbaum to land are either Secretary of Education or Ambassador to Israel. Perhaps another post could open up for Tennenbaum. But, from what I have learned, one thing seems certain, Inez Tennenbaum will have a role in the Obama Administration if she chooses to accept it.

Of course, there are rumors about Jim Hodges and Phil Lader being considered for Obama Administration posts, but the strongest and most reliable sources point to Tennenbaum getting a nod from the President-elect. The Tennenbaums stood by Obama early in the process and that loyalty will likely be rewarded. How that trickles down to other South Carolina Democrats or South Carolina Republicans willing to work for President-elect Obama remains to be seen.

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