Sunday, November 16, 2008

The High School and small college basketball report

As the High School football season winds down, we at Voting under the Influence will still be interested in sports as well as politics. I know that pains some of you political purists. However, we are about to be entering basketball season. As such, Voting under the Influence plans on offering the Voting under the Influence High School and Small College Basketball Report on a weekly basis beginning around Thanksgiving. Politics is not our only bag here. And, hey at least we don't post semi porno pics to get a high number of clicks. We keep it real and clean.


  1. Willie the PervertNovember 16, 2008

    Give me porn!

  2. I hear you brother Willie. Nothing pisses me off more than a cracker who won't show porn, especially porn that shows a white lady getting the black love she needs.

    How can this cracker talk about basketball and not he love we give that really counts? I hit that tight white basket every time,. from long range.

    Take that cracker ass cracker. Report that. Obama is President, and you are a bitch.

  3. It is just so heart-warming to know Ty is alive and well.

  4. Obama man has proved he is the racist, not the cracker.