Friday, November 21, 2008

High School Friday Night Preview: Williston Elko at Ware Shoals

There will be a huge Class A match up in Ware Shoals later tonight as Williston-Elko pays a visit to the Ware Shoals Hornets. The Hornets, 8-4, host the visiting Williston-Elko team (11-1). Ware Shoals played a tough non-conference schedule but have been rolling up the wins lately. Williston-Elko defeated various non conference and conference foes, but lost three weeks ago to Blackville-Hilda.

Williston-Elko brings in an imperfect spread. As one Christ Church player told VUI, the Williston-Elko team seems to have no organized team at all, but they found a way to win and be 11-1. Ware Shoals, on the other hand, still relies upon its ole fashioned wing-tee offense and straight discipline.

Two very different teams will clash Friday night in Ware Shoals. VUI will be there and bring you details as the two Class A Division II teams fight it out for the Upper State championship. The weather will be downright cold, but VUI is betting the action will be hot enough to keep the fans warm.


  1. I love Cindy WilsonNovember 21, 2008

    This does not matter. Cindy Wilson does not care about this game. Why do you?

  2. Why don't you move to Ware Shoals? You seem to pull for them and "howling mad" Murdock so much.

  3. Southern FriedNovember 21, 2008

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  5. Go Ware Shoals!

  6. Pretty kooky stuff going on around here.