Sunday, November 30, 2008

Obama faces reality and the far left is angry

According to widespread media reports, President-elect Obama will retain the services of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, make Hillary Clinton his Secretary or State, and tap former McCain supporter and retired Marine General James Jones his national security advisor.

To those folks out there with a brain, it is a sign that Obama faces reality and does what he thinks is best for the country. Keeping Gates in place shows continuity in a a time for war. Bringing in the experience of Hillary Clinton, (whose husband's experiences comes in as well), and someone like General Jones shows that Obama is smart enough to know he and other foreign policy and defense neophytes are not wise enough to meet the nation's challenges. The President-elect is going for the best and the brightest. For, that President-elect Obama should be applauded.

The President-elect is applauded by most, save for the leftists. Left wing bloggers have made in clear in recent posts that they think President-elect Obama has betrayed them. Those left wingers wanted outgoing President Bush and Secretary Gates tried for criminal activity. They reveled in the thought of perhaps Jesse Jackson as Secretary of State. Obama apparently will have none of that nonsense.

Indeed, it appears that Obama will continue the long string of American luck in its Presidents knowing how do the job of protecting the American people. There just seems something about that full briefing a President-elect gets that moderates the man. I think of how Eisenhower dealt with people who were afraid of John Kennedy becoming President of the United States. Eisenhower simply remarked, "he is an intelligent young man, and when given the information, he will understand the threats to this nation and act accordingly."

The same is true of President-elect Obama. The President-elect got his briefings and appears to be acting accordingly with his national security appointments. The far left is howling and should be expected to continue to complain. Those on the far left envisioned a President Obama who would appoint some peace activist to a national security post. Thank goodness the President-elect has a brain and understands the threats the United States faces and has the courage to go with the best team his ideology allows.

As predicted on this website, the far left are showing themselves to be the first to criticize the President-elect. That criticism will only increase as President Obama makes sound decisions based in rational thought. The anger on the far left will only grow stronger as President Obama shows again and again that he thinks more than feels, and makes calls based upon reason. The far left did not want that in "their" President. They wanted a reactionary who did their bidding.

Luckily, for the rest of us, President-elect Obama appears now to be showing some sense on the most important aspect of his job. Here's hoping he does to cave into left wing pressure. However, the grumbling from the left is unfortunately for the President-elect the beginning of criticism. It is far easier to campaign against something than to actually govern. The reality of responsibility that goes with power in a democracy will be quick and harsh for the President-elect. I predict a very short political "honeymoon" for the Obama Administration.

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