Sunday, November 23, 2008

SC House Showdown is looming

Most folks think that if a party controls a political entity, that party gets its way Well its not true when it comes to the South Carolina House of Representatives. The House is overwhelmingly Republican, but there seems to a be a number of SC House Republicans who do not follow the strict marching orders of Speaker Bobby Harrell.

Take Rep. Nikki Haley for example. She is just messing up things with her request for open and recorded votes. Sure, longtime House insiders say her ideas are redundant and will drag out things in the House. However, let;s be frank and honest, Haley is setting up a showdown in the House against Harrell.

Who is right and who is wrong? I do not know, I have heard from both sides. However one thing is sure. Haley leads a group of Republican legislators who turn out not to be robots for Speaker Harrell, but people who think and act for themselves. Haley will take advantage of that and make her moves in the House.

If you wonder where you have seen this controlled thing go bad, view the video. One can never hire a wild gun and hope to control it. It is going to be fun to see how the Harrell versus Haley battle ends up.


  1. Why even have an elected body if they aren't going to record their votes?

    It shouldn't be an issue and those against recorded voting have no place in our state legislature.