Saturday, November 01, 2008

Some Greenwood Republicans are splitting their tickets

I do not know what to make of some of the things I am hearing out of Greenwood County. As I said in my previous post about rumors, all sorts of things are flying around South Carolina as this election season winds down.

One of the things that has stuck in my mind was a conversation with a traditional Republican activist who told me he split his vote for the first time in memory. He told me he split his vote to vote for Tony Davis for Sheriff of Greenwood County and for Floyd Nicholson for state senate.

He was not alone. Another traditional Republican I talked to caste his vote non-straight ticket to vote for Davis.

Are the folks I talked with just anomalies or are they an indicator that traditional Republican voters in Greenwood county are splitting their tickets for Sheriff and state senator? Who knows? We will find out on Tuesday.

One thing is for sure. I have never, in my years of politics, had people who were stalwart Republicans tell me so clearly that they split their vote. It makes me think the returns from Greenwood County might be interesting to watch.

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  1. Tony Davis for Sheriff! I want a true professional in office. Davis is that guy!