Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things have been crazier

People lament about the aura around some Barack Obama supporters. Even in my home of Anderson County, there are people who are irrationally passionate about things that make no sense.

However, none of that even comes close to what happened thirty years ago today when the phrase, "drank the kool aid," began.

Over 900 people either committed suicide in following their leader or were murdered. Among the murdered was a United States Congressman who went to "Jonestown" Guyana to check on some of his constituents and take some back home to California with him.

It is a reminder for all us to remember, that faith without reason in politicians or religious leaders is dangerous. God gave us the ability of reason for a reason: to protect ourselves from other humans. That applies to politics and religion. Though we all tend to act under the influence of money and other forces, it is our ability to reason that keeps us from such events.

See the related video.

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  1. I love Cindy WilsonNovember 21, 2008

    The video reminds me of Bill McAbee and Larry Greer backing Joey Preston.