Thursday, November 06, 2008

Where the GOP goes from here

Of course, all of us wish President-elect Obama well in putting together his team to lead the executive branch. However, soon enough, the Obama honeymoon will come to an end the Republicans will have to find a meaningful and effective course in opposition. Instead of just saying what the party is against, the Republicans need to address the things that they are for.

In a recent AP news article, South Carolina's Jim Demint summed it up this way: Saying the party's image has been tainted by "scandals and broken promises," Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina declared: "We have got to clean up, reform and rebuild the Republican Party before we can ask Americans to trust us again." He called for party leaders to "embrace a bold new direction" or hit the road.

Amen, Senator DeMint. There were just too many examples of members of Congress out of control. There was too many negative ads that did nothing to promote ideas. When someone who has spent in a lifetime of public service such as Elizabeth Dole runs an ad saying her Sunday School teacher opponent does not believe in God, well, you know there is a problem.

I have written before how some of the highly paid political professionals in the GOP just do not seem to know who to deal with people. Some of the hired guns around McCain have shown that in the past couple of days with their attacks against Sarah Palin. There was once a time when a political operative treated his clients the way attorneys do and kept their mouths shut about them, win or lose. It was sort of a code of honor. I know I could have made a newspaper or two leaking something eccentric about some of the candidates I worked for in the past. I never have and never will. Why? Those people trusted me. Further to leak out personal moments with a candidate you worked for anonymously is just cowardly. I wish the media would let us know the names of those operatives so future candidates would know not to hire them.

I know about what I am speaking on that matter. As some of you in Anderson County know, even when I am attacked by a former candidate I worked for, I keep my mouth shut as best I can. I am guess am too old school when it comes to politics.

As for those McCain operatives, they blew it. You can not blame Sarah Palin on the fact that the McCain team chose not to argue for the economic plan created by professors that called for a capital gains tax cut and showed how it would help. You can not blame Sarah Palin on McCain not calling for executives on Wall Street who broke the law to be brought to justice.

As Senator Demint stated, it is time for a new day in the Republican Party. The core ideals espoused once by the likes of Goldwater and Reagan are the ideals that are best for all Americans. In fact, America is still a center-right country,as Obama ran his campaign for. In exit polls it is interesting to note that 75% of the people who voted for Obama believe he will cut their taxes and make government smaller. Obama's constant harping in ads about cutting taxes for 95% of Americans was not answered well by the GOP.

In short, Obama's victory was not great shift to the left in American politics. It appears to be a rejection of the Republican party, and its muddled message combined with poor communication that made the Republicans seem out of touch. Obama was elected as a tax cutter. That is the opportunity Republicans have if Obama fails to do so.

More later about the new Republican agenda we should embrace.

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  1. I totally agree with you. First thing we have to do as a party is clean house of all the RINO Republicans and get back to our roots!