Thursday, February 19, 2009

24 hour waiting period on abortions makes sense

There is a bill winding its way through the South Carolina House, (H3245), that requires women to have a twenty-four hour "cooling off" period before having an abortion performed. Though VUI could accept an ammendment to the bill that allowed women whose lives were in danger to be exempt from it, the bill itself makes good sense on the whole.

For those who claim that they stand for a woman's right to choose, giving a woman 24 hours to think about things and weigh her options leads to a better informed decision. The choice crowd, if intellecutally honest, should have no problem with a law that provides that the most informed choice be made.

Afterall, we have mandatory waiting periods on things like home mortgage refinances and certain gun purchases. It makes sense that a major health matter such as an abortion has a similar "cooling off" period to assist the person making the decision in making a fully informed choice.

The bill has sparked great controversy among those who support the so called pro-choice movement. Perhaps some of that controversy could be avoided with an ammendment to the bill that allowed for women in immediate danger of their lives to be exempt from the waiting period. It is clear that a husband who faces the immediate choice of an abortion to save his wife's life should not have to wait 24 hours if in waiting those 24 hours he might lose both wife and baby in a medical holding pattern.

However, in the vast majority of abortions performed, the 24 hour waiting period after doctor consultation would lead to a better informed choice.

Again, those intellectually honest on both sides of the issue should not have a problem with the waiting period in most cases of abortion and with the exemption of women whose lives are in danger. Such a waiting period, with such an exemption, makes good sense. Given how the extremes on both sides tend to operate, something tells the staff of VUI that such sense might be hard to find in legislation. We hope we are wrong. There is a way to common sense available, and here's hoping the legislature finds it.

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  1. I believe that abortion shouldn't be permitted any place across the world, because children are innocent of whatever circumstance that had provoked the pregnancy.