Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Phelps could face legal trouble in SC

Forget how embarrassing it was to South Carolina and the University of South Carolina to have photos of olympian Michael Phelps toking on a bong. One thing anyone who has followed South Carolina politics knows is that Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, plusses and faults aside, loves the media spotlight. Criminals of all levels beware, if Sheriff Lott can get some face time on tv, he's coming after you. Now it appears Sheriff Lott might go after Phelps for his indiscretions at a South Carolina party. Just more things to make South Carolina proud.


  1. How dare you try to demean a man like Sheriff Lott. He just does his job.

  2. I ain't go not sympathy. You can bet your cracker ass had some brother been caught smoking a bong, his black ass would be in jail.

    I always though that cracker Phelps was gay. That cracker is going to fit right in prison. My brother in law is waiting to help his cracker ass find his way.