Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sanford for President? Ha ha ha ha ha

While the Governor makes his media rounds against the Obama economic stimulus package, various voices, especially those blogs who are backed by Howard Rich and his cronies, as the Governor is, talk about Governor Sanford being a contender for President in 2012. Take a moment to compose yourself and let the laughter aside. The folks with big money who tried to buy South Carolina politics seem to want to take that agenda national.

There are several reasons such a plan might not work.

The first is Governor Sanford and his minions are RINOs. That's right, RINOs. They go around calling lifelong Republicans "Republicans in name only," but the truth is the Governor and his overpaid henchmen are the biggest RINOs of all. Their stands and performance in state legislative races show them to be so called "one trick ponies." If a candidate is for tax relief, economic development and doing the hard work of making government work accountable, who cares? The Governor's one trick, per the money his minions get, is school choice. Or should we say, lack of school choice. The Governor's private school tuition tax credit plan as it stands is right out of the good ole boy big government playbook. The Governor and his minions on the Internet call for poor folks to have real education choice with a $3000 tax credit for private school tuition. We at VUI call bull manure. How can a $3000 tax credit help a poor family pay $15,000 a year or so tuition. All it is big government welfare for the well to do, against Republican principles. That is why Mark Sanford is a RINO without doubt.

Then there is Mark Sanford's performance as Governor. The Governor has spent most of his six years in office complaining about what he can not do, and blaming this and that on the South Carolina General Assembly. However, cabinet department after cabinet department under him has had big failures. Sanford ignores such. The Governor seems "ho hum" about the people he appointed failing at their jobs. A few million stolen from DSS, who cares? The Department of Commerce unable to work with other government entities to brings jobs, well, its not putting the Governor or his minions off the payroll, so who cares? The Parks and Recreation guy does not show up for his job, who cares, the Governor prefers vacationing elsewhere. It goes on. To the Governor's folks, private tuition tax credits will fix it all.

That limited view, which has been documented to be well paid for, provides the next reason why Mark Sanford ought not be considered for President. The Governor simply can not get things done. Even the best of his ideas end up defeated in the South Carolina General Assembly, not because they are a bunch of RINOs, as the Governor and his would contend, but because the Governor does not have the courage or personality to work with people and broker the deals necessary to get things done. If the Governor runs for President, someone will ask him about the hundreds of veto overrides led by his own party, his lack of ability to get along with people on the most basic level, and his ultimate failure to get his agenda through what would seem to be a friendly state legislature.

Indeed, Governor Sanford's tenure as Governor of South Carolina is starting to seem a lot like President Grant's tenure as President of the United States. The Governor seems to have enjoyed two election victories, but also seems to turn a blind eye to the scandals he has control over and seems unable to work with the legislative branch. The problem is the Governor is no war hero, (his brief stint in the Air Force reserve medical corp after his election as Governor understood), and the American people seem to want politicians of both parties who work to solve problems, not create them.

So Sanford for President? Obama only hopes for such.


  1. Oh shit, cracker, we agree. I can not see that pale ass Governor Cracker going anywhere. Damn, I hate to agree with your cracker ass. But, Governor Cracker is either crazy as hell or does not give a damn about my brothers and sisters. Either way, keep his cracker ass out of my president's so called white house.

  2. Like or not, McCarty. Sanford is the voice of real conservatives and he is going to be the 45th President of the United States

  3. I disagree with Obama Man about Sanford being pale. Mark likes to bronze himself.

  4. He certainly is a conservative, and I like him. I don't always agree with him. He can't get along with others.

    Therefore, he's not ready for the big time yet. I would personally like to see him run against Graham.

  5. Willie - True conservatives believe all men are equal and no man is above the law. Sanford's allies at SCRG flaunt the spirit of campaign finance laws and he remains silent. So long as they do his bidding, they will remain above the law.

    Sanford's abusive and deceptive practices have made "reform" a dirty word and have done a grave injustice to conservatives.

    If you can condone the lying, covering up and overlooking corruption and mismanagement, and abusing power that has come to characterize the current administration, then you are NOT a conservative. You would be a RINO of the worst degree - not one of moderation but rather one of corruption.

  6. So Sanford for President? Obama only hopes for such.

    Indeed! If Sanford is the GOP nominee, I see even more blue on the map!

  7. Sanford as President??? Sanford is a conservative??? Please... don't make me laugh!!!

    When under pressure, the guy couldn't even talk coherently. Does anyone remember his meltdown on CNN??? (

    He might be a nice guy and all, but he can't get it done here in SC. Why in the world would people think that a failed governor would make a good president???

  8. I would have thought that the interview he did on national TV for McCain would have killed him. You know the one where he babbled and never used a complete sentence.

    Now he wants to close USC-L. One of the best run small colleges in the USC system. This College services over 1,000 students while only being given money for 400.

    When I asked the GOP chairman for Lancaster, "why did he say this?" The answer was his staffers had only some old information.

    It shows poor leadership. While I came close to voting for Obama rather than McCain. I a life-long conservative would not only vote for obama but would campaign for him if RINO Sanford was the nominee!