Thursday, February 26, 2009

SC Legislative Black Caucus owes some apologies

The South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus staged a walkout recently as the House was voting on a bill that would require photo identification for voters. The State newspaper reports the reasoning behind the walkout in a quote from Rep. David Weeks of Sumter. In the State, Weeks said, “We oppose this bill because we see it as a throwback to times when people were not allowed to participate in the process.”

In other words, the SC Legislative Black Caucus and some of their Democratic Party allies staged a political stunt to contend that requiring people to have proper identification to show that they are in fact the legal registered voter eligible to vote is equal to things like old poll taxes, literacy tests, and the old Democratic Party “White Primaries.” That notion comes from people who seem to have no problem whatsoever in requiring background checks and other restrictions upon people who exercise their constitutional right to purchase a firearm.

The walkout was an insult on several levels. First, it is an insult to the legislators who crafted the measure to bring about more integrity to the election process. The legislation South Carolina is considering is similar to other legislation in other states that has passed constitutional muster before the United States Supreme Court. Further, challenging voters already is a difficult process in South Carolina. If a white man who looks 35 shows up to vote with a registration card that has his age as 50, it is not easy to challenge the vote. A photo ID protects everyone from shenanigans from all sorts of political interests. It prevents a relative or a friend from getting your voter registration card somehow and casting your vote as he or she sees fit. Indeed, such a measure is not disenfranchising, it is empowering to people who, at times, have been taken advantage of by someone close to them who voted on their behalf.

Second, the walkout was a tremendous insult to African Americans in South Carolina. Not one member of the staff of VUI believes for a moment that African Americans are more likely to comment voter fraud or not smart enough to get some photo identification. Those who argue such things are simply ignorant.

However, what is striking about the walkout and the reasoning behind it is that the Legislative Black Caucus has, albeit unintentionally, created the impression that the African American community that they claim to champion will not be able to vote because they are either unwilling or not smart enough to verify their identifications at the polls. It is ironic that people who contend they look out for African American interests have so little faith in the integrity and intelligence of the people they claim to champion.

It appears that the Legislative Black Caucus is less worried about African Americans than trying to preserve some sort of voting machine. It has happened before. In New York in the 1800s, the Irish voters were used by Tammany to produce votes. An Irishmen would vote in the morning with a beard, and vote again as someone else clean shaven. The practice did not mean that the Irish were stupid or corrupt, it just meant some political operatives who really did not care about them went and found who they could and paid them to vote more than once. At the time, the Irish were the poor and the outcasts of New York, and most who voted as the Tammany Machine told them to needed the money.

VUI does not contend that is what the Legislative Black Caucus is doing or defending. However, requiring photo identification for all voters would forever eliminate Tammany like exploitation of voters. It is incredible that any political leader or pundit who claimed to stand up for the average man and woman would not want their votes protected so. It is even more incredible that any politician or pundit would caste an effort to empower voters taken advantage of as denying the right to vote. It is a great insult to many, and deserves an apology.


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  2. When will you whites apologize for the Orangeburg Massacre and slavery?

  3. Without proper identification, dishonest people can steal the identity - hence the voting rights - of black voters as easily as they can white voters.

    During the post-Reconstruction period, intimidating black voters from the polls and casting fradulent ballots in their names was a tactic used to seat white supremacist rule.

    Without safeguards, one's right to vote can easily be stolen. You would think those whose relatives fought so hard for their right to vote would demand protections to make sure those rights are not stolen by political crooks.

  4. Motorcycle ManFebruary 27, 2009

    Okay, I apologize that white people who I did not know or have anything to do with shot some black people in Orangeburg. It was wrong. I am sorry. I think I was three years old or something. I should have left my playpen and tried to stop them. Now, can you join us in doing things right with showing your photo ID at the polls? How does some dumbass's move back in the 1960s have one damn thing to do with people voting legally today?

    I just bought a handgun and had to wait for a background check. So, you will find no damn sympathy from me. I served this county for years, and I still had to wait on a gun purchase. People can show their photo ID to vote. Man, this pisses me off. I fight for people to have the right to vote, and they bitch about having to prove who they are when they vote?

  5. Brian, you really know how to piss some people off.