Monday, February 23, 2009

The sharks are after the United States

When there is blood in the water, sharks sense it and start to move in to attack to gain their interests. What is true in nature is true in politics. After all human beings are part of nature, and have among them their own political sharks.

There are several sharks out there that sense American blood in the water of international affairs.

The first sharks come from Pakistan. For over seven years, the government of Pakistan was a staunch ally of the United States in the War on Terror. Now, with the United States in financial crisis and seemingly unsteady, groups in Pakistan have forced the Pakistani government to give the Taliban a break in certain regions of the nation. The days of the Pakistani government fearing consequences for not standing with the United States seem to be over.

Then there is China. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared as begging for the communist nation to keep financing American debt. The Chinese played coy, knowing their position, and correctly judging that the new President would not push them on human rights at this time. For the first time in its history, the United States seems to a nation like China to be holding a weaker economic hand.

Then there is that shark North Korea. It is at times tempting to laugh at the “Great Leader” and his love of porn and his hermit nation. However, the “Great Leader” is gravely ill and his even crazier son is about to take power. North Korea has their nuclear program and their long range missile testing back up and running. Secretary Clinton used harsh diplomatic language against the North Koreans, stating that they would face grave consequences if they fired their long range missile. The problem is the North Koreans probably believe the United States is too weak to deal with them.

That leads us to the sharks found in Russia. Vladimir Putin is perhaps the most dangerous shark of them all. The ex KGB leader circumvented the spirit of the Russian constitution when his term of President expired and shifted the power to his new position of Prime Minister. Putin is Russia’s “strongman.” Further, Putin is no friend of the United States. He has quietly worked with the sharks in Iran and North Korea and openly worked with the shark in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, on joint military maneuvers. Further, Putin has moved to choke off the supply of natural gas to American allies in Western Europe, invaded Georgia, a friend of the United States, and basically dared the United States to work on a missile defense system in Eastern Europe. Putin is too smart to act in that manner if he thought the United States was strong enough to challenge his acts.

Indeed, the stories from the American media, and at times remarks from its leadership, about how bad things are in the United States have led to serious consequences around the world. The political sharks from South America to the Middle East to Central Asia to Russia to the Far East all seem to have the sense that the American ship of state is sinking, and that blood is in the water. Therefore, those sharks are pouncing. The major American media seems to dwell on economic issues at this time, but perhaps the real story is how the sharks of the international scene smell blood in the water and are starting to school around the United States.


  1. The sharks are after us because we do good in the world. The United States stands for freedom, and the sharks, as you call them can not stand it. Let's kill them.

  2. Again, why are wasting your time writing stuff like this. Who cares about history and world affairs? Your readers in Anderson County want to know what you are to do about Cindy Wilson and her band nuts. Come one, write about the things that matter, like Preston going to jail or Wilson going to jail. Who cares about how other countries are about to control the United States?

  3. Right Said FredFebruary 26, 2009

    I don't know if you are paranoid or a right. I hope you are paranoid. You paint a chilling picture.

  4. I will take the number five special, without the machine gun,por favor. gracias.