Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Ads from the Super Bowl

It is great that the Steelers won the Super Bowl, but the ads again took so much attention this year. VUI will offer you some of the highlights of he Super Bowl ads aired and those not aired.

First, this ad from Pedigree, a dog food company encouraging people to get a a dog:

Then there is the ad from Go Daddy with Danica Patrick, the hottest race car driver alive :

There is also the ad that seems to the most popular one on the web:

Then there is the PETA tried to get aired, but was denied:

Enjoy and laugh. Let's just hope that celery in the PETA ad was of age. For the record, we think Danica Patrick is far hotter than the PETA babes. There is something about a woman who likes to ride at dangerous speeds.


  1. Motorcycle ManFebruary 02, 2009

    One thing you can be sure of brother, those PETA girls want some meat when it comes to sex. They don't want some fag with a celery stick. They want the meat delivered. You said you like the truth being told on here, and there it is. I agree with you on Danica Patrick, damn that girl is hot. I wish she was in NASCAR. Even that fag Jeff Gordan would notice her in the pits.

  2. I want to veg out with those babes. Who knew vegetables could get you laid? Are you paying attention, Southern Fried, trying frying okra instead of chicken and even you could get laid.

  3. Danica Patrick is so hot. I love her in leather.

  4. You crackers crack my black ass up. My superbowl ad would have me giving it real to some hot white girl and crackers looking all pale and shit. That is keeping it real. You know those cracker bitches in that PETA ad and that hot white bitch Danica Patrick want what a cracker can not give them. I can, and I will. My President will find a way for me to say "yes I did," and a BIG mess I would make for some cracker bitch.

    Respect the power of the black man.

  5. The really sad thing is... Obama Man is a 45-year old white guy living in his mother's basement and working in an unfulfilling dead-end job... his only entertainment is pretending to be someone he is not... at least Brian McCarty is letting him live out his fantasies

  6. You want hot? Check out the ladies that drive in the NHRA!