Saturday, February 14, 2009

Welcome to Socialism, Comrades

In politics, late in the day on Friday is the best time to release bad news or do something that the people will not like. Such is especially true on a dual holiday weekend such as this one. With Valentine's Day on Saturday and President's Day on Monday, the conventional political wisdom is that the people and the press will have their minds elsewhere. Thus, there was no better time for the Democrats in Congress to bring socialism to the United States through their so called stimulus bill.

The Obama band aid, as we at VUI call it, was passed by the House of Representatives by a vote of 246 to 183, with a handful of Democrats voting no. The bill could have been killed in the Senate, but three Republicans (Snowe and Collins of Maine and Specter of Pennsylvania), voted for the bill, giving it a 60-38 pass. You might remember Senator Arlen Specter from the Clinton impeachment. He was the Senator who caste an odd vote he said was based upon Scottish law. Go figure.

The bottom line is our elected representatives in the United States Congress voted for a spending bill in which they in all honesty could not have had time to read or debate. It was over a thousand pages long in its final form. Some of the things in the bill are chilling. There are salary limits for top executives and millions to mandate a central health data base. From now on, you go to the doctor for a broken toe, and the federal government will make sure your insurance company and future insurance companies know about it. Health privacy is now gone in America.

Further, the tax relief, which would have been the best thing to stimulate the economy, is weak. The average working man and woman will get about $13 a week in tax relief. That will not be in checks sent out this year. That will be reflected upon next year's tax return.

The absurdities go on and on. The one thing sure is that the government will play a role in the American economy like never before. There is money to be spent on all sorts of special interests such as state government bailouts, narrow agenda issues and the like. The thing that is really striking is that there are some in the Obama Administration who think that this bill did not spend enough. They are working with Democrats in Congress for another round of spending.

The bill passed by Congress was long on special interest spending and short on infrastructure and tax relief. However, what is more outrageous is that the Congress passed the bill without taking time to know what is actually in it. Our great leader wants it, so it must be done. The federal government holding major interests in financial institutions, floating state budgets, and eliminating health care privacy all adds up to one thing.

Welcome to socialism, comrades. Our great leader knows best how we should run our lives and businesses. Now, if Congress can just bring about the Fairness Doctrine so those who dissent are forced to share time with the government view, we will be in a position to vindicate third world African dictatorships and the old Soviet Union methods. Good grief, comrades.


  1. Don't forget guns. The AG wants to take them up. Holder worked to make guns illegal for the citizens. It is coming, comrade.

  2. For those of you hated George W. Bush, do you think that dumbass, as you would call him, would sign over the United States to socialism as Obama will do with pomp and circumstance with this bill?

    There is nothing that makes you miss Bush like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day from the US Congress. Bend over, the Congress wants to screw you but you ain't gettin kissed.

  4. Come on, Brian, comparing Obama to Stalin? That is strong even for you. Give the guy a break, he is just trying to undo the mess your guy W. created.

    I still love you man, but you are way off on this one.

  5. A RINO like you should be thrilled with this. Or, are you so crazy that you don't even support something that makes your public education buddies go oh yeah.

    You could have so much more money if you just come on over and join us in the school choice crowd.

    I hate to see such a mind go to waste and a man I like go without. You can do better.

  6. I just woke up from a Valentine's Friday night out with a white lady, and found this shit on my computer. What is your problem cracker? You listening too much to cracker Rush Limbaugh? Your cracker ass is crazy as a white bitch claiming I am her baby's daddy. My President is working his black ass off to try help crackers just like you. What can a brotha do? I think about those white bitches I know. I give the brotha sized love, and all they do is go on about cracker shit like child support. Is that what you want from the President, cracker, some kind of child support or what is it you call it, tax cuts?

    Maybe you ought to shut the Hell up about my President and get your cracker ass in line and do your part. Try that, you pale ass cracker. Obama won, the old pale ass cracker and his white bitch from Alaska that needs some brotha love to thaw her pale ass out lost. Get over it. You crackers lost. Get it?

  7. Brian McCarty is a drunk loser who wants to steal Cindy Wilson's county council seat. Repeat that again and again.

  8. This is all making me so crazy! I can't even believe it. I just read the comment from the Obama Man. I don't have enough courage to write to him, but isn't it always the way that -generally - conservatives don't call names or swear or wish horror on a person with other beliefs? It always shows character and how uneducated people are when all they have is to slander and call names.

    I am praying, praying, praying that the conservatives can get control of this again. How will our children be living - and freely worshipping - if this goes on and on and on?

    I enjoy reading your posts with my hands often shielding my eyes and my nerves.

    -- A reader in Lexington, SC.

  9. Come on, man. Every Republican in the country tried to frighten everyone else with that socialism spiel during the election, AND IT FAILED, just like george bush's policies.

    Nobody's buying what you're selling with that socialism fear-mongering.

  10. Speaking the truth when it isn't popular is a thing to respect. Like Senator DeMint, you stand on princicple, right or wrong in the eyes of those who can give you favors. I respect that.

  11. For the curious, the poster reads, "Narod i Armiya Edin": (the) People and (the) Army (are) One.
    Russian tends to not use articles and the verb 'to be' when the meaning is plain.

  12. "state government bailouts, narrow agenda issues and the like."

    These "state government bailouts" as you call them might just prevent this state, SC, from firing HUNDREDS of teachers, administrators, and support staff this year. In fact, if the Senate hadn't dropped the 79billion emergency funding meant for states at the request, see requirement for support, of Specter, Snowe, and Collins, education firings would be far less likely.

    Oh, and just so you know, support staff are those people who make sure the kid with not heat, phone, or car in the home has a way to school, a warm jacket, and paper and pencils when he or she arrives. Don't believe me? Ask someone else who actually works in public education.

    "state government bailouts, narrow agenda issues and the like." Really? That general? If you're going to rant about socialism, bring a few more facts buddy.

  13. I guess that education hack didn't get the memo that said you were supposed to be a RINO?