Thursday, March 05, 2009

Atlantic Beach just part of the growing crisis of local governments

Atlantic Beach Mayor Retha Pierce is in the news again. The Atlantic Beach Mayor, who has been arrested multiple times by Atlantic Beach police, the last arrest happening on January 28th, 2009, is suing several town officials in United States Federal District Court.

According to the Myrtle Beach Sun News, the Mayor is alleging that a few town officials conspired to prevent the Mayor from doing her duties as Mayor. The article can be found at Please note the nastiness of the comments section. Allegations of drug abuse, criminal activity, etc. are found. As such VUI finds the local government in Atlantic Beach to be the nastiest fight in the state. Even in Anderson County things like drug abuse are not tossed about.

Frankly, VUI does not know who is really right in Atlantic Beach. VUI does know that the losers are the people of the small coastal town. Atlantic Beach is struggling to keep its town charter. Instead of its leadership spending money to stay alive, it will be spending money on lawyers.

It is a growing trend around South Carolina. More and more town and county elected officials seem to be unable to work out differences as rational human beings and “lawyer up,” so to speak. Then there is the corruption in places like Union, whose former Mayor was recently sentenced to over five years in federal prison.

The local government system in South Carolina is in a growing crisis. Spending by local government has skyrocketed in recent years, and there are not many tangible things to show for it. There are several theories out there as to why such is the case. Some contend that local politics is more personality and self interest than policy and in today’s litigation society, that leads to the large amounts of local taxpayer money being spent on lawyers and accountants. Others contend that the local governments get the second string of elected officials, and those who are more able seek higher office. Some blame Home Rule and how it allowed a mishmash of local governments to create an inconsistent mess of spending and governing around the state. Perhaps even more telling is how most property owners in South Carolina are paying higher property taxes now than before the state legislature came in and paid local and school tax relief.

If a taxpayer pauses and realizes that his or her taxes are paying for things such as the melodrama in Anderson County and the nastiness in Atlantic Beach, it is frustrating to see how little respect a growing number of county and local governments have for the people who pay for them.


  1. I see you have to work a cheap shot in against Anderson County Council. If you don't like it here, leave. That would be the best thing for you to do. You lived in Columbia for all those years, go back, we don't want you or your comments on your pathetic little website. Just leave. You are a self righteous ass. We don't want to hear more about what Honea Path needs or how our folks on council are wasting money. Just leave. You are not welcomed in the Anderson County GOP. You will see that March 16th.

  2. Brian, I guess that is so much for the smiling faces and beautiful places campaign for South Carolina. Some in Anderson sure are not smiling over you. I guess in Anderson County is more a "snarling faces and get the Hell out of my places." campaign going on. Dude, I told you not to move back up there. Those folks are nuts.

  3. Alley Cat, which seems to be a likely name for someone Brian McCarty would associate with, just where the Hell are you from? How dare you judge us!

  4. Cindy Fan, you are a little harsh, but I get your point.

    Brian came back home after years away and now thinks he knows best.

    I wouldn't ask Brian to leave, but just try to get him to give people around here some credit for knowing what is going on.

    Picking a fight with him and his family is pretty stupid. I can not get why you and others are trying to do that.

    I know a little something about political campaigning and the last guy I would want to wake up morning(or afternoon) gunning for me is McCarty. Threatening him or his family will only make it worse.

    You don't get the guy. He can not be bought the way most of us think about. Money does not mean anything to him. Usual poltics don't get to him. McCarty is a little nuts, but damn good at taking someone out. Believe me, I know.

  5. anon, are you Bill McAbee?

  6. Keep Atlantic Beach for Atlantic BeachMarch 05, 2009

    The Atlantic Beach Mayor is a champion of justice and the American way. You should be more supportive of her and not ridiculing her. Is this a racial thing?

  7. Who cares about that crazy sista that is mayor of Atlantic Beach? The crackers will take away the town charter no matter what happens. We live in a cracker state.

    The crackers have never liked the fact brothas and sistas have a bike rally of their own. Some drunk cracker with bike is paying up tax money when he comes to town. A brotha on a bike is a nuisance.

    This sista in Atlantic Beach says she was wrongly arrested. What does that sista want, a cookie? Crackers do that shit all the time.

    This is bullshit. Crackers being crackers and a sista wasting her time.

  8. Brian, I love your fans here. All really courageous folks with the guts to put their names to their words.

  9. When it come to politics, many folks rise to their level of incompetence and stay there. That's why there are so many stupid jack-legs in local government. Anderson County Council and Atlantic Beach Town Council are just two prime examples. If you look around at other towns, cities, counties as well as the General Assembly and Congress, you will see plenty of examples of incompetent and petty people in elected office.

  10. Eddie LudeMarch 06, 2009

    It seems me most strange that men will fear ignorance knowing that ignorance will come from the Anderson County Council.

    We are now paying a million and half dollars to people to not work. Should we be worried about the qualifications of the county administrator or the iq of the council that hired them.

    Perhaps we can advance one to the level of Jasper, McCormick or Saluda. Who have little resources and good leadership. We sit here with great resources and no leadership.

    The one eyed man is sure king in Anderson County.

  11. Anyone who lives along the Grand Strand knows that both the Mayor and Chief Rizzo are crazy. The town of Atlantic Beach is a joke. Jerk the charter now!

  12. Mr. Capps, again, you comment on things that should not be your concern. What are you hiding? Just what where your ties to McAbee and the fat babe? How much money did you take from the taxpayers of Anderson County. Oh, wait, we will find that out.

    You and McCarty need to know we will not ever rest and we will spend whatever it takes to show you for what you are. How dare you both criticize the good things we are now doing. You both must be hiding something if you do not support us. This council spends money to hold our enemies accountable. That is what government does. Get it through your thick, scandal ridden heads.

  13. Eddie, again you are offbase. The council is serving the people best by spending money to hold the enemies of the people and the current council accountable.

    If you like things in Jasper, move there. If you do not support what our council is doing, you are not welcomed in Anderson County. Go away, Eddie, and take Brian McCarty with you.

  14. working momMarch 07, 2009

    Cindy Fan, it is you that are offbase. I hate Brian McCarty with all my heart, but he is right about how wrong you are. I would not pee on Brian McCarty if he was on fire, but the guy is right about you and Cindy Wilson and the current council. I guess it takes a rat to know a rat.

    What you are doing has to stink really bad for McCarty to call you on it. Even a sewer rat like Brian McCarty is holding his nose over what this council is doing. That says a lot.

    Leave good people like Joey Preston and Bill McAbee alone. Again, even one of your fellow sewer rats is holding his nose.

  15. AnonymousJune 16, 2009

    Is everyone presiding over Horry county complete morons?? I think people should leave Mayor Pierce Alone. Maybe if Horry County, Myrtle Beach and all the other ignorant people in this area will let her do her job, Maybe they will see she can be a fine mayor. If you people can not see conspiracy all over her arrests you are completely blind!! Just because her views are not exactly what Myrtle Beach or Horrible Horry County wants or likes does not make her a criminal. The things I have been watching this county put her thru is obnoxious, I wish she would hire me as her body guard, She sure needs one. Leave the women do her job and get out of her way. This area needs more people just like her in office, then, maybe just then this town and county can make money the correct way, with hard work and effort, you guys can't sit on your butts and expect that tax to fill your pocket forever, especially when you are the ones killing your own area. Heck i refuse to shop in Horrible Horry County anymore, I go to georgetown county like the other 90 percent of the county here!!! Then Myrtle Beach and Horry County has so many illegal, and idiot businesses who conduct business in the most unethical ways I have ever seen and turn your blind eye to that, yet arrest a woman who is mayor trying to get into her own city hall. Remind me but does the mayor not preside over her own town hall?? HELLO!!!! Look around you IDIOTS in office and running things around here, people are leaving and the only jobs offered here are ridiculous online make money from home scams, where are the jobs, where are the residents going, as far away from here as they can that is where. Then the officials rebuttle to that is, AHHH lets raise taxes, yea thats the ticket, make all the tourists mad to so when the economy does pick up they will still not return because of the high taxes. Where are your brains at, not only are you killing us now, but you have killed any future for our children as well. You all better wake up or there will be no towns left for anyone to visit or tour to, except Atlantic Beach. You say she is the laughing stock of Myrtle Beach, I think it is Myrtle beach and Horrible Horry County themselves being laughed at. GO MAYOR PIERCE.