Sunday, March 08, 2009

Daylight Savings Time and where we are headed

One of the more irritating things about the change to Daylight Savings Time is how otherwise rational and educated people blather on about getting an extra hour of sunlight. Congress did not help the matter when it called the time change "Daylight Savings Time." Former President Bush did not help the matter when he signed the legislation making the "Daylight Savings Time" longer by stating it would help with energy costs. Various studies have showed little if any change. The costs of the expanded time have met any savings. (For example the California Energy Commission found no change in energy consumption.)

There is a reason for that. The Sun shines on the Earth the same amount of time no matter what time of day a government assigns to the Sun shining. The folks in California and other government entities could have saved their money studying the matter. The Sun warms the Earth for the same amount of time. Those who have to be up and work early in the morning will use their lights and other energy needs as those who do not work early don't with the time adjusted. It is a wash.

VUI admits it is a popular wash. People seem to get excited about that extra hour of daylight that they think they are getting. Further, when one tries to explain to an excited individual that the sun is still shining the same amount of time, the excited individuals eyes glaze over. You might as wall be explaining how the stock losses by percentage were worse in the 1930s then they are now.

It is the world we live in today. There are actually people out there who believe that the government can decide how many hours the sun shines on the Earth. Typically, those are the same people who think we are in something worse than the Great Depression. They do not have a clue. Try to tell them that more than half of the banks in the United States failed in early1930s, some places in the South had 80% unemployment, and that particularly in the South, even those with jobs lived without electricity and running water, much less a cell phone, and well, you get that blank stare. Do not even attempt to explain how Hoover's and Roosevelt's spending creating a second depression in 1937 or that the McDonald's Dollar Menu was not an option for men and women who sometimes went days without eating anything at all.

VUI does it best to be optimistic about America and South Carolina. But, when so many people actually believe that Daylight Savings Time actually saves daylight and that a hardship is not being able to watch American Idol in high definition, it does make one wonder just where this nation is headed.


  1. Typical Republican. Now that Obama is President you are against DST. Are you Republicans for anything?

  2. I posted against President Bush's assessment of DST way back when. And, as a Republican I am for a lot of things. I for letting people keep more of the money that they earn, I am for holding swindlers on Wall Street criminally accountable, I am for fully funding essential services while cutting out the lobbyist influenced waste and so forth. Anon, I give you credit, though. You have made me think about posting what Republicans are for in the coming weeks and why. Thanks for the intellectual "stimulus."

  3. If Earl Capps was chairman, none of this would be happening. You would all rock together in perfect harmony.